Liquid Ring Pump

Liquid ring pump details

Liquid ring pump in the current industry is more widely used, and the number of use continues to increase. Now with the use of liquid ring pump, people want to know more about the equipment we are using, so that they can use it in life.

The liquid ring pump is a crude vacuum pump, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, electric power, light industry, medicine, food and general industries. The development of liquid ring pump at home and abroad is comprehensively described and analyzed through data investigation and practical investigation. The basic structural characteristics of liquid ring pump are analyzed. Confirm the necessity of liquid ring pump research. Through in-depth analysis, the paper learned that the parameters determining the performance and structure of the liquid ring pump are: impeller radius R, impeller wheel ratio v, eccentricity e, impeller blade number Z, impeller width B, blade Angle, impeller submerged in the liquid ring immersion height, impeller speed, pumping rate and limit pressure, etc.. The shape, position, blade exit Angle and circumferential velocity u of the suction and exhaust vents have great influence on the performance of the liquid ring pump. The design of the impeller used in the equipment is a universal problem. By comparing the shape design of the radial impeller, tangential impeller and curved impeller, the structure of the curved impeller is reasonable, the compressibility is good and the efficiency is high. However, through the comparison of various impellers, the stress and strain values of radial impeller and curved impeller are larger, which is determined by their structures. In the design of impeller, not only the influence of shape characteristics, but also the strength and manufacturing should be considered. And because the liquid ring pump used in the flow process than the general vane pump is much more complex.

Considering the complexity of completely different forces exerted by different places during the rotation of the liquid ring pump impeller, a cycle of the impeller is divided into air inlet area, compression area, exhaust area and dead area. According to the different pressures of each area, this regular variable force is sought to analyze the strength of the impeller. It can be known from the analysis of stress, strain and displacement diagram. Because of the uneven distribution of the pressure on the impeller, the stress and strain in the compression zone appear to be large, but whatever kind of impeller, its stress and strain are within the allowable range.

Through the detailed explanation of the liquid ring pump, we can have a deeper understanding of the equipment, and we can better use the equipment in later use to create higher benefits.

Liquid Ring Pump

Looks like the same liquid ring pump, why the price difference is so big?

Because of its structure and technical advantages, the liquid ring pump is widely used in all walks of life, and the demand of users is increasing. Many customers will receive a lot of quotations when looking for liquid ring pump, but the prices of suppliers are uneven, so they have doubts about it. Price is often affected by many factors, in addition to market changes, product type, quality, parameters and other factors, will be affected by these:

1, vacuum pump raw material difference: as the saying goes the same product than the quality, the same quality than the price, visible quality is the prerequisite to determine the price, the quality of the most basic requirement is the processing accuracy and processing density of raw materials and raw material costs.

2, the difference of content of technology: from the liquid ring pump selection, design, processing, production processing and product packaging appearance to the entire process of difference as a direct result of vacuum pump have different prices, the top with a high-tech technical team, production equipment, strict production management team, bright beautiful appearance processing factory and a company without any advanced technology, backward production equipment (handmade), lazy cottage industry members and careless handling personnel appearance compared to the price is also different, so the supplier should consider when type vacuum pump as a whole.

3, Regional difference: as we all know, the price of various accessories needed in the whole production process of liquid ring pump also directly affects the price of the whole vacuum pump, so the price of accessories in different regions directly affects the price of products.

4, after-sales service difference: in the process of production and operation, improper use or other reasons, the failure of the vacuum pump is inevitable, which requires the product to have after-sales protection, to solve the problem as soon as possible.

As can be seen from the above, the price of the water ring vacuum pump that looks like the same appearance is still different due to reasons such as material, technology and after-sales service. Generally speaking, the price of the product is affected by many factors, so we need to consider all aspects of the product comprehensively to choose a better product.

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