Air-cooled dry composite screw vacuum pump

Air-cooled dry composite screw vacuum pump

Dry type composite screw vacuum pump is my company on the basis of absorbing many foreign vacuum pump, the fifth generation of composite screw technology, independent innovation and the development of cost-effective new environmental protection vacuum pump, with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, light weight, easy to use, reliable performance, etc, represent the future development direction of the vacuum pump.

Application field of air-cooled dry composite screw vacuum pump

Pharmaceutical process, chemical process, solvent recovery, medical instruments, biological products, oil and gas recovery, film preparation, biochemical detection and analysis, semiconductor, microelectronics, solar energy, material processing and other related equipment and process.

Air-cooled dry composite screw vacuum pump
Air – cooled dry – type composite screw vacuum pump performance characteristics

Advanced technology, advanced fifth generation composite screw technology.

Environmental protection – no oil, no water, no pollution, clean vacuum can be obtained, the material can be recycled.

Energy saving, using variable pitch energy saving technology, can reduce energy consumption by 30%.

Resistant to chemical corrosion, with corrosion resistant protective layer.

Air cooling, the use of air cooling structure, more convenient and simple.

Labor saving, maintenance cycle up to thousands to tens of thousands of hours.

High limit vacuum degree, up to 3Pa, wide working area, continuous operation from the limit vacuum to atmospheric pressure.

Reliable sealing structure, lip seal, mechanical seal and gas seal structure, exhaust unobstructed, with good liquid handling capacity.

Light weight, new lightweight materials, light weight (ladies can lift).

Low noise, high precision machining parts, low noise.

Advanced precise manufacturing process

CNC machining to ensure parts accuracy

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