Dry screw vacuum pump rotor

Dry screw vacuum pump common rotor profile type!

Today, we will introduce the rotor profile technology of dry screw vacuum pump, because it is one of the core technologies of screw vacuum pump manufacturers, so I want to let customers know what the common rotor profile of screw vacuum pump is. Next, according to the steps of the small series, we can understand the characterization method of the rotor type of dry screw vacuum pump.

Dry screw vacuum pump rotor

There are three kinds of special rotor profile methods for dry screw vacuum pump, as follows:

1、 End face profile
Screw vacuum pump rotor in the screw vacuum pump rotor type production line, the end face type production line is mainly used to study the conjugate performance of vacuum pump and screw rotor, analysis of leakage characteristics between different levels, and calculation of volumetric efficiency. Pump chamber, very intuitive and convenient. Screw pump is a variable displacement pump driven by active and driven screw of meshing driver. The type of screw end face has a great influence on the performance of the pump. Therefore, the design requirements of the end face line are: good sealing performance, excellent transmission performance, and good process performance.

2、 Axial profile
The axial surface line of screw vacuum pump helix is easy to be used in the design, processing and inspection of equal pitch screw vacuum pump rotor, so it is commonly used.

3、 Normal profile
The normal must be used when designing the cutting edge shape of forming tools, so it is mainly used in the design and machining of forming tools. In addition, the axial profile and normal profile are only used to characterize the pitch solenoid rotor structure. As long as one of the profile representation and the spiral expansion mode is determined, the characterization equations of the end surface line, the axial surface line and the normal as well as the spiral surface equation of the rotor tooth surface can be obtained by mutual transformation. The remaining parts of the profile representation of the screw vacuum pump rotor are also determined.

By analyzing the common rotor profile of dry screw vacuum pump, I believe many people know that the design of dry screw vacuum pump is very important. According to the needs of customers, designed a set of production operation, mechanical equipment is not an easy thing. The above three rotor profiles are designed according to the principle of screw pump to effectively solve the problem between rotors during the operation of screw pump. To achieve a fully sealed condition and minimize the leakage between the front and rear stages of the suction chamber. Through the design of the structure, the noise reduction and shock absorption of the pump can be optimized, and the production cycle of the actual product can be shortened.

The above is the dry screw vacuum pump common rotor profile type detailed introduction, want to know more screw vacuum pump information, please contact us!

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