Vacuum pump function

Factors affecting the function of vacuum pump

We have learned a lot about the vacuum pump. Next, we will introduce the factors that affect its function:

1. Impact of condensate

The condensate plays an important role in the multistage vacuum pump. The condensate can fully condense the steam. The partial pressure of the water vapor in the discharge pressure of the vacuum pump is necessary to be higher than the corresponding full steam pressure. Therefore, the temperature of the condensate should also be lower than the full temperature under the pressure to ensure the normal operation of the pump body.

2. Influence of steam

We usually use the steam eruption vacuum pump, which takes the over full water steam as the working medium. The condition of the steam has a decisive influence on the function of the vacuum pump. Wet steam not only affects the function of the vacuum pump, but also corrodes the steam nozzle, adds the steam consumption of the pump, and makes the operation condition of the pump unstable.

3. Environmental impact

The environmental impact mainly refers to the pollution of the pumped gas to the system. In the process of liquid steel disposal, a lot of gas will be released from the liquid steel, and at the same time, some small particles such as oxide powder will be sucked into the vacuum pump. These small particles will accumulate and adhere to the pump body, reducing the flow of the pumping pipeline, prolonging the pumping time, and reducing the pumping function of the pump.

4. Influence of pump body layout

As for the single-stage vacuum pump, the simply worn part is the steam nozzle. When the nozzle is worn, it will not only affect the function of the vacuum pump, but also increase the operating cost of the system.

The above is about the factors that affect the function of vacuum pump. I hope you can master them so that they can be effectively used in your later use.

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Vacuum pump function

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