Lliquid ring vacuum pump has the advantage in production

There are at least the following advantages:

One is: liquid ring pump can be continuous operation for a long time, as a result of transformer oil as a circulation medium, the transformer oil not only can produce oil ring vacuum and lubricates the pump body, so the liquid ring pump not only can solve the problem of dry pump need preventive maintenance, at the same time due to less vulnerable parts failure rate is low, the pump body itself can also be long-term trouble-free operation;

The second is: liquid ring pump for isothermal compression process, due to the nature of ketene unstable, so largely reduce the waste of material, both w-type reciprocating pump, plunger pump due to the compressed gas when the temperature rises, will produce a lot of double ketene, acetic anhydride, such as material, also the temperature is too high will produce a lot of focus;

Three is: use the liquid ring pump production safer, is determined by the working principle of the liquid ring pump itself, it won’t often appear as reciprocating pump cylinder or cylinder leaks, largely avoid the risk of cooling brine into the system, also greatly reduced because of sudden failure in vacuum pump system vacuum drops even ketene leaked;

Fourth, the use of liquid ring pump is more environmentally friendly, low noise pollution is small, need not frequent overhaul, reduce the vinyl ketone row.


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