Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Used In Chemical Industry

High Vacuum Distillation

Reactor Distillation


Column Distillation

Fractional Distillation

Vacuum Tray Dryer(VTD)

Fish oil contains squalene and alkoxy glycerol, where squalane is extracted from fish oil. Squalene is extracted from crude fish oil using batch distillation where purity is increased throughout the batch.

Dry screw vacuum pump has been used successfully in this process, if we compare with water ring vacuum pump, no water contamination occurs as no sealing fluid require. No use of steam as needs in steam ejectors that makes the process economical and keeps the environment clean.

LG dry screw vacuum pump has no oil lubrication in the pump cavity and can obtain clean vacuum; the pump working chamber and the surface of the screw rotor have anticorrosive coating, which can be adapted to bad working conditions; when the pump is used in explosion-proof situations, the pump needs to adopt explosion-proof configuration. The gas in the pump cavity of the screw vacuum pump is always in a uniform and linear state, and the pump cavity is straight and there is no partition structure, so the solid dust and condensate are not easy to deposit in the pump cavity. If it is necessary to inflate the pump cavity through the side aeration port, the blowing air flow can be formed, and the solid dust and condensate in the pump cavity can be removed more and more.

Automatic flushing with suitable solvent is done at regular intervals to make the system maintenance free, hence added values into the system.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Used In Chemical Industry

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