Dry scroll vacuum pump

Dry scroll vacuum pump principle

The dry compression vacuum pump operates according to the working principle of the scroll compressor. Each pump is integrated with two Archimedes screw rods, which reduces the volume of the groove and compresses the gas from the outside to the inside to create a vacuum.

Dry scroll vacuum pump characteristics

• double wound scroll pump, including 1 track screw and 2 fixed screws.
• operation can be realized at atmospheric pressure.
high limit vacuum can be achieved.
• low vibration and low noise.
• maintenance cycle can be controlled by time table.

Dry scroll vacuum pump applications

• analytical equipment
• gas recovery system
• coating equipment
• TMP front stage pump
• helium leak detector
• semiconductor manufacturing process

Dry scroll vacuum pump product display

Dry scroll vacuum pump

Technical Data :

Item Technical Specifications
Model EVP-150 EVP-300 EVP-600 EVP-1000
Nominal capacity 2 L/s 4 L/s 8 L/s 16 L/s
Ultimate pressure ≤ 10Pa ≤ 3Pa ≤ 3Pa ≤ 1Pa
Leak rate 1X10-6 Pa.m3/S (for special gas can reach to 1X10-8Pa.m3/S)
Water vapor treatment capacity (gas ballast open) 5g/day 25g/day 25g/day 25g/day
Motor Data 0.25KW 0.55KW 0.75KW 1.5KW
Rotary speed 1450rpm (50Hz) 1450rpm (50Hz) 1450rpm (50Hz) 1450rpm (50Hz)
Temperature 5~40℃ 5~40℃ 5~40℃ 5~40℃
Noise <55dB <65dB <65dB <68dB
Noise (gas ballast) <60dB <70dB <70dB <74dB
Gas inlet connecting flange KF25 KF25 KF40 KF40
Gas outlet connecting flange KF16 KF25 KF25 KF40
Dimension(LXWXH) 380X210X270 (mm) 470X270X364 (mm) 490X340X370 (mm) 560X390X420 (mm)
Weight 16Kg 35Kg 44Kg 64Kg

Dry scroll vacuum pump installation

Dry scroll vacuum pump installation
1. Inspect the product
(1). Check that the container is facing up and open it.
(2). Check whether the product model is the model you ordered.
(3) check whether there is any damage. If there is any damage, a claim should be made against the carrier.
(4) remove the inlet and outlet clamps.
(5) check the packing list in the plastic bag of the product, and check whether the product name and quantity are fully packed.

2.Work environment
(1) danger of electric shock. Install the pump in an area that is not exposed to moisture such as rain or steam. Moisture on a power connection can cause a short circuit that can result in personal injury or electric shock.
(2) danger of explosion and fire. The installation area shall not be exposed to explosive, flammable gases or other related hazards. Otherwise, the pump may cause an explosion or fire.
(3). In 5 ℃ and 40 ℃ ambient temperature operation. Operating outside this ambient temperature range can cause fire, damage, or failure.
(4) ensure proper ventilation. Install equipment in a well-ventilated area. Because the scroll pump is air-cooled by poor ventilation can cause abnormal overheating, fire or failure.
(5) to install the pump in the appropriate place. The installation area shall be protected from dust or corrosive gases. Failure to install the pump in proper place may result in damage or failure. The pump shall be installed in an area free from iron, gravel, abrasive or wood dust. Installation area, should make the pump from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight exposure can cause high temperatures and breakdowns.

3. Pump installation: the pump is equipped with lifting ring bolts for transportation. Lifting equipment with sufficient bearing capacity shall be used. Never stand under a suspended pump while the pump is being lifted and moved. To install the pump on firm level ground (less than 5 ° slope). The installation is not smooth and may cause failure. If the ground is unstable, then the pump should be fixed by the following method: fixed with a 10 8mm hole on the pump foot.

4. Electrical connection: electrical connection must be made by qualified electrician. Otherwise, electric shock or fire may occur. Disconnect the main input power supply before connecting the pump. If you don’t, maybe
Cause electric shock injury. Check the power supply and voltage before wiring. Three phase motor available in two voltage: 380V 50HZ; 440 v 60 hz.

Dry scroll vacuum pump video

Dry scroll vacuum pump and vacuum system connection:

1. The inlet (flange) of the pump is KF40, and the outlet (flange) is KF25.
2. Generally, the pump inlet is directly connected to the vacuum chamber, but it must be clean gas.
3. In case of debris, water vapor, dust, etc., it is recommended to use the following connection.
4. Install the isolation valve between the vacuum chamber and the pump inlet to prevent debris from being pumped back into the vacuum chamber during start-up or shutdown.
5. We recommend the use of the automatic valve as the isolation valve, which is closed in case of power failure, to prevent debris from the inside of the pump back into the vacuum chamber.
6. Install the filling valve between the isolation valve and the inlet of the pump. Open the filling valve during system operation to remove dirt and water vapor in the pump.
7. Clean connection pipe shall be used between the vacuum chamber and the vacuum pump. We recommend that hoses be used between the pump inlet and the vacuum chamber so that pump vibration does not propagate to the vacuum chamber.
8. Ensure that the exhaust pipe is not blocked during operation.
9. Ensure that the pump outlet pressure does not exceed atmospheric pressure.

Dry scroll vacuum pump maintenance :

1. Neglect of maintenance and inspection may lead to poor performance and failure of the pump.
2. In order to remove debris accumulated in the vacuum pump, run the pump for 3-5 seconds (once a day) with the pump inlet in contact with the atmosphere (or open the charging valve and empty it several times for 3-5 seconds, if this valve is installed).
3. Let the pump cool down before maintenance. If the pump is stopped immediately after maintenance, may cause personal injury, such as burns.

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