Libya vacuum pump

EVP is the sole agent in Libya. The company mainly deals in roots vacuum pump, dry screw vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, roots fan, gear pump, vacuum fan set and other products. The company has high quality professional vacuum fan technical personnel, to provide users with complete equipment design, selection, supporting, installation and commissioning of a complete set of products and services.
And for you, the liquid ring vacuum pump that our company sells in Libya.

Libya vacuum pump

How to choose liquid ring vacuum pump?

The type of liquid ring vacuum pump is mainly determined by the air volume, vacuum degree or exhaust pressure required for operation

Liquid ring vacuum pump has been widely used in industry, chemical industry and other fields.

Liquid ring pump at work, need to pay attention to the following two aspects:

1, as far as possible in the efficient zone, that is, in the critical vacuum or critical exhaust pressure area

2. Avoid operating near the maximum vacuum or exhaust pressure. Operating in this area, not only the efficiency is very low, and the work is very unstable, easy to produce vibration and noise. For vacuum pumps with high vacuum degree, cavitation will often occur in the operation of this area. The obvious signs of this phenomenon are noise and vibration inside the pump. Cavitation corrosion will lead to pump body, impeller and other parts of the damage, so that the pump can not work, according to the above principles, when the liquid ring vacuum pump required by the vacuum degree or gas pressure is not high, can be preferred in the single-stage pump selection. If the vacuum or exhaust pressure is higher, single-stage pump is often unable to meet, or, the requirements of the pump in the case of higher vacuum still has a large gas volume, that is, the performance curve in the higher vacuum is relatively flat, can choose two-stage pump. If the vacuum degree is required to be above -710mmhg, the liquid ring large air pump or liquid ring roots vacuum unit can be used as the vacuum device. Because of the simple structure of single-acting pump, it is easy to manufacture and maintain, and has good cavitation resistance under high vacuum. If only for the use of large gas volume of the compressor, the choice of double acting pump is more appropriate. Because the double-acting pump air volume, volume, weight, radial force can be automatically balanced, the shaft is not easy to produce fatigue fracture, the service life of the pump is longer.

Libya liquid ring vacuum pump in food, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical industry and other fields have been widely used, so do you know the advantages of liquid ring vacuum pump in sugar factory?

Liquid ring vacuum pump application in sugar factory advantages

Main products of EVP Libyan vacuum pump: 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump, 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump, lotz vacuum unit, etc. The water consumption of NADE is only one fifth of that of water jet condenser, which greatly saves the consumption of river water. Especially for sugar factories with less water resources or higher environmental protection requirements, the use of NADE cooking sugar and evaporation vacuum system is a very cost-effective investment, and at the same time reduces environmental pollution and benefits future generations.

Liquid ring vacuum pump compared with the previous complex vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump has simple structure, no need to replace accessories, no need to add lubricating oil during operation; Large pumping capacity, faster vacuum recovery (only a few minutes), energy saving effect up to 30 percent, no internal wear and tear in the operation of the equipment, no need for maintenance, can achieve long-term trouble-free operation, simple installation, simple operation.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of attention should be paid to the use

1. Preparation work (check before operation

1.1 check the normal voltage, not exceeding the rated voltage (380V) ±5%; Whether electrical switch and grounding wire of equipment are normal.

1.2 check whether the chassis foundation bolts, pump seat bolts, motor bolts and the connection of each part of the pump are reliable.

1.3 check whether the lubricating oil (grease) of each part is sufficient.

1.4 check whether the seal meets the requirements. The packing gland should be properly elastic and not askew.

1.5 test positive and negative rotation of the inching motor to see whether the direction is consistent with the indicated direction of the pump.

2. Start operation

2.1 open the inlet valve on the inlet pipe. If there is an exhaust valve, the exhaust valve must be fully open.

2.2 open the water supply valve until the water automatically flows out of the balance drain pipe (valve on pump cover plate) and the pump has a normal starting water level, then the pump can be started. If the pump is not started, the water supply valve shall be temporarily closed.

2.3 startup without or with little or full water is not allowed.

2.4 start the motor to run the pump, and gradually open the water supply valve. Adjust the water supply valve and air inlet valve according to the reading of the vacuum meter, so that the vacuum degree and suction capacity of the pumped system can meet the production requirements.

2.5 during pump operation, attention should be paid to check and achieve:

(1). Pay attention to the regulation of water supply valve and circulating water valve, so as to maintain a moderate amount of circulating water.

(2). Long time operation under high load should be avoided.

(3). Check whether the reading of ammeter and voltmeter is normal.

(4) the temperature rise of the bearing should not be higher than 35℃, and its temperature should not be higher than 65℃.

(5) each connection should be tight and free from leakage.

(6) there should be no abnormal sound and vibration during operation.

(7). Pay attention to the cavitation sound of the pump with cavitation regulating valve.

(8) to ensure the normal vacuum degree, the inlet temperature should be less than 30℃, 15℃ is the most appropriate.

(9). During operation, it is advisable to adjust the packing gland appropriately so that there is water dripping out of the packing, but not too tight or too loose.

3, stop the pump

3.1 turn off the water supply valve and the motor. Open the drain valve and drain the working fluid in the pump.

3.2 in winter, the circulating liquid should be put out, checked, wiped, maintained, cleaned and sanitized, returned to the release tool, filled in the operation record, and cut off the electricity.

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