Plastic industry vacuum system

Overview of vacuum system:

The negative pressure suction system consists of central suction station, suction pipe and negative pressure suction terminal. The negative pressure source of the suction system is the vacuum pump unit in the central suction station. Through the suction of the vacuum pump unit, the suction system pipeline can reach the required negative pressure value and generate suction for medical use in the operating room, emergency room and each ward terminal.

The central suction station is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum tank, negative pressure automatic control cabinet, alarm, sewage tank, negative pressure pipeline and terminal. Vacuum pump is generally set up 2 sets, one with one standby, to ensure uninterrupted work. Vacuum tank is a container for storing negative pressure to prevent frequent starting of vacuum pump. The negative pressure automatic control cabinet can carry out manual control and automatic control starting and stopping respectively for the two units to achieve automatic switching. When the pressure reaches the alarm pressure value, the acousto-optic alarm is carried out, and the lower limit of the alarm pressure is -0.073mpa, and the upper limit is -0.019mpa. Automatic operation after power failure. The drain tank is used to store the dirt in the suction pipe system and discharge it regularly. The alarm is installed in the duty room, and its sound-light alarm can be heard and seen in the range of 1.5m under the environment of 60dBa noise.

The central negative pressure system RVM is composed of one or more rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum gas storage tanks, water separator, filters (multiple), PLC electrical control box and other configurations, through the PLC electrical control box system can achieve automatic/manual control, fault alarm, the most economical and energy-saving to ensure the continuous supply of gas system.

The vacuum system adopts two-stage filtration: the first stage is oil, dust and impurities filtration, and the second stage is bacteria filtration. VC series vacuum pump is the main pump of the system, with compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise, vacuum stability, small vibration. Compared with the water ring pump has more environmental protection, energy saving, simple operation and easy maintenance and other characteristics. It can be used at 0.5mbar (absolute pressure) and 10mbar (absolute pressure). At the same time, the vacuum pump of this specification can be used in closed air or long-term vacuum. And can tolerate a small amount of water vapor, but can not handle water, other liquids, corrosive gases or steam.

Plastic industry vacuum system


Vacuum system features:

· high vacuum, stable performance and long service life

· flow rate: 4-1300m3/hr (single pump)

· vacuum service range: 0.5-500mbar (absolute pressure)

· no need to access water source

· compact structure and small floor space

· simple operation and convenient maintenance with less noise

· realize PLC joint control of multiple units

· can connect to GDMS system

· complies with European CE en737-3 standard

System control part of vacuum system:

· control the number of vacuum pump openings according to the system air consumption

· vacuum indicator (with liquid crystal display)

· function instructions such as procedure, time and maintenance

· alarm indication

· 24-hour monitoring

System accessories for vacuum system:

· bacterial filter

· additional silencer

· vacuum switch

· vacuum gauge

· remote-controlled operation

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