Stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump

Stainless Steel Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Equipment Requirements

Stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pumps should be able to operate continuously and automatically in the designated operating range. This is the equipment requirement. The following details are introduced for you:
1. When running, it should be able to meet the needs of exhausting air and non-condensable gas in condenser under various load conditions and unexpected leakage conditions.
2. Two vacuum pumps run in parallel at startup, and one pump should be able to maintain the condenser vacuum at normal time.
3. Under normal operating conditions, the operating efficiency should be at the highest point, and the suction performance (air volume, vacuum, efficiency, etc.) should be guaranteed.
4. Work safely and reliably in the installation environment provided by the buyer;
5. Ability to resist water hammer without harmful effects;
6. Supplementary water of stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump comes from desalted water system and cooling water of cooler comes from industrial water supply system.
The above is about the introduction of stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump, and its suction of working water should be self-circulating, without additional pumps.

Stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump

What should be paid attention to in operation of stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump

Stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump in operation, should be required as far as possible in the high efficiency zone, that is, in the critical vacuum or critical exhaust pressure area. The following points for attention:
1. Avoid operating near the maximum vacuum or exhaust pressure. Operating in this area, not only the efficiency is very low, but also the work is very unstable, easy to produce vibration and noise;
2. For vacuum pumps with high vacuum, cavitation often occurs when they operate in this region. The obvious sign of this phenomenon is that there is noise and vibration in the pump.
3. If only used as a vacuum pump, it is better to choose a single-acting pump. Because the structure of single-acting pump is simple, easy to manufacture and maintain, and it has good cavitation resistance under high vacuum.
4. If it is used only for compressors with larger air volume, it is more appropriate to select double-acting pumps.
The double-acting pump of stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump has large air volume, small volume, light weight, automatic balance of radial force, easy fatigue fracture of shaft and long service life.

Stainless Steel Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump of Safe Use

Stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pumps are used to suck air or other non-corrosive, water-insoluble and solid-free gases. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, mining, light industry and other industries. Next, let’s learn with the editor:
1. Only qualified personnel are allowed to operate the equipment;
2. Operators must be able to obtain random instructions and other relevant product information at any time, and must comply with the regulations.
3. Non-qualified personnel are prohibited from operating or approaching the equipment;
4. When stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump is used in coal mine, it must be equipped with explosion-proof motor of corresponding grade, and explosion-proof motor should have effective safety certificate.
5. If drive with triangular belt, anti-static and flame-retardant triangular belt should be used.
6. If used in coal mines, monitoring and safety equipment should be installed in strict accordance with the requirements of coal mine safety regulations.
The above is about the introduction of stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump. Friendship hints: When stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump is used in harmful media, special attention should be paid to avoid serious safety accidents such as fire, explosion and pollution caused by improper operation.

Stainless Steel Liquid Ring Vacuum of Pump Removal

The reason why stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump should be disassembled is to detect whether there are hidden troubles in the equipment, which is the skill that operators need to master. Following is the procedure of disassembly:
1. Remove bearing cap, release two round nuts with hook plate hand, remove bearing seat and bearing;
2. Loosen the packing cap nut and remove the packing cap.
3. After removing the hexagonal bolts connecting the pump cover and the pump body and the bolts at the bottom of the pump cover, remove the back cover.
4. Remove the pump body;
5. Loosen the bottom bolt at the other end.
6. Unload the coupling and remove the key on the shaft.
7. Remove the front bearing parts;
8. Remove the front cover and remove the shaft and impeller together.
When the stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump is disassembled, oil should be applied on the fitting surface of the parts, and oil should be applied on the threads to protect the parts.

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