Vacuum pump solves organic pollution

China is a country with a large population in the world. The continuous development of industry has caused a lot of garbage pollution, such as domestic waste pollution, industrial and mining enterprises’ waste water, waste gas, waste residue, pesticide and chemical fertilizer overuse residues, causing more and more serious pollution and damage to the soil. So how to deal with these pollution, today I will introduce a method of using vacuum pump to solve the pollution.

Vacuum pump solves organic pollution

The pollution can be divided into organic pollution, inorganic pollution, radioactive element pollution and biological pollution. Organic pollution includes soil organic pollutants, mainly including organic pesticides, phenols, cyanide, petroleum, synthetic detergent, 3,4-benzopyrene, and microorganisms brought by urban sewage, sludge and manure. The main solution of organic pollution is to use vacuum pump gas phase extraction technology.

The basic principle is that the vacuum pump is used to extract and produce negative pressure. When the air flows through the polluted area, the volatile and semi volatile organic pollutants in the soil voids will be desorbed and entrained by the air flow, which will be collected by the extraction well and finally treated to achieve the purpose of purifying the soil in the aeration zone. Sometimes, while extracting, gas injection wells can be set up to artificially inject air into the soil.

2bv Vacuum pump

The application of vacuum pump is more and more widely now. This application in solving organic biological pollution also solves part of the environmental protection problems. There are many factory cases to solve the environmental pollution of vacuum pump. Let’s talk about it next time. The prospect of vacuum pump is still very wide. I believe that more vacuum pump application cases will be developed in the future to help us solve more problems.

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