Dry screw vacuum pump for heat pipe industry

Heat pipe industry, heat pipe processing equipment, heat pipe exhaust station-dry screw vacuum pump

Dry screw vacuum pump is a technological product with very high technical content. The vacuum degree is very high and the single pump can reach 1pa. It can adapt to harsh working conditions. It has the ability to extract condensable gas, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and gas containing particles. It is especially suitable It is suitable for clean environment and easy to do anti-corrosion treatment, especially suitable for heat pipe industry.

Dry screw vacuum pump for heat pipe industry

Oil pumps are now widely used in the market. Oil pumps are not resistant to water vapor, and there is a large amount of water vapor in the heat pipe exhaust station, which will damage the grease of the vacuum pump. Frequent replacement of the grease is required, which increases the cost of use and affects production.

Do you know the characteristics of dry screw vacuum pumps?
Dry screw vacuum pumps can effectively recover gas without any medium in the working chamber of the pump. The products have many classifications and are deeply loved by many enterprises and industries. When buying a screw vacuum pump, remember that you should not be greedy and choose a cheap one. Instead, you should make an on-site investigation and choose the one that suits you.

Because the vacuum pump can selectively pump air, sometimes one pump cannot meet the vacuuming requirements, and several pumps need to be combined to meet the vacuuming requirements. The vacuum pump has a high pumping speed for hydrogen, but cannot pump helium, while the triode sputter ion pump has a certain pumping speed for argon. When the two pumps are combined, the vacuum device will obtain a better vacuum.

Dry screw vacuum pump

Dry screw vacuum pump of reference for selection
1. Understand whether the vacuum system has requirements for oil pollution. If oil-free is strictly required, it is recommended to choose a variety of oil-free pumps; if the requirements are not strict, you can choose an oil pump, and add some measures to prevent oil pollution to meet the requirements of clean vacuum.

2 The ultimate pressure of the dry screw vacuum pump must meet the working environment pressure of the production process. We can choose the ultimate pressure of the pump to be significantly lower than the process design requirement by about an order of magnitude.

3. The pump has a certain working pressure range, so when selecting a model, understand the working pressure range of the vacuum pump, and don’t let it work outside the pressure range for a long time.

4. Know the composition of the pumped gas. It is necessary to know whether the gas pumped by dry screw vacuum pumps contains condensable steam, particulate dust and corrosiveness. In short, you need to understand the composition of the gas pumped by the screw vacuum pump, and select the pump model and specifications. If the gas contains steam, particles and corrosive gas, it is recommended to install auxiliary equipment such as condenser and dust collector on the inlet pipe of the pump.

5. When choosing different models, consider whether the oil vapor (oil fume) discharged from the vacuum pump will cause serious pollution to social environmental problems. If there is corporate pollution, choose an oil-free vacuum pump, or find a way to exhaust the oil vapor as soon as possible outdoor.

The above is the whole content of the dry screw vacuum pump selection. You can use it as a reference when choosing the dry screw vacuum pump. Friends who want to know more can contact us, follow our website, and get more relevant information.

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