Rotary vane vacuum pump for laboratory

Rotary vane vacuum pump(2ZX Series) is one of the basic equipment used to extract gas from sealed container. It can work independently. The rotary vane vacuum pump used in laboratory can also be used as the front pump of booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump, etc. to maintain the pump and the pre-pump of titanium pump.

Rotary vane vacuum pump is divided into 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump. Its working performance consists of two parts: high-pressure stage and low-pressure stage. The suction port of rotary vane vacuum pump is connected with vacuum equipment. During operation, a large amount of gas in the container is inhaled and discharged. When the equipment obtains vacuum, the high-pressure exhaust valve sheet will be closed, and the gas inhaled by the high-pressure stage will be transported to the second stage, and a certain vacuum can be obtained by the second stage inhalation and exhaust vacuum equipment. The limit vacuum of 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump is 6X10-2pa.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are all connected with motors, with high speed, small shape, compact structure and convenient fluidity. They are suitable for the front pump of diffusion pump, the matching and use of precision instruments. 2XZ vacuum pumps are used in pharmaceutical, food packaging, electronic and other units.

Rotary vane vacuum pump application and application scope

1. rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the basic equipment for removing gas from sealed containers. Rotary vane vacuum pump for laboratory use can act independently. It can also be used as the front pump of booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump, maintenance pump and titanium pump. It can be used in the manufacture of electric vacuum devices, thermos bottles, vacuum welding, printing, plastic absorption, refrigeration equipment repair and instrument matching. Because of its small size, light weight, low operating noise and other advantages, it is more suitable for laboratory use, so it is also called laboratory vacuum pump.

2. Laboratory vacuum pump is allowed to operate continuously for a long time in the ambient temperature range of 540 and the inlet pressure is less than 1.3X103Pa. When the relative humidity of the extracted gas is greater than 90%, the ballast valve should be opened.

3. laboratory vacuum pump inlet continuous smooth flow of the atmosphere should not exceed one minute.

4. Laboratory vacuum pumps are not suitable for extracting gases that corrode metals, react chemically with pump oil, contain particulate dust, and contain excessive oxygen, explosive and toxic gases.

Rotary vane vacuum pump data

1, 2XZ type vacuum pump type:

2XZ type vacuum pump type


2. Picture of 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump and structure diagram of 2XZ vacuum pump.
(1) 2XZ vacuum pump.

2XZ vacuum pump.

(2) structure diagram of 2XZ vacuum pump

structure diagram of 2XZ vacuum pump

3. What oil is used in rotary vane vacuum pump?

Rotary vane vacuum pump oil is always equipped with standard vacuum pump oil. Vacuum requirement is not high. If users do not have this kind of oil when replacing it, they can choose high quality oil as rotary vane vacuum pump oil.


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