Vacuum pump for integrated circuit reflow soldering

Integrated circuit reflow soldering

Reflow soldering is mainly used to weld the circuit board which has been attached with components. The solder paste is melted by heating to fuse the SMD components with the PCB pad, and then the solder paste is cooled by reflow cooling to solidify the components and pads together. Reflow soldering is mainly used in electronic industry, such as the circuit board of mobile phone and other products.

Typical applications: high power electrical components, LED lighting equipment, mobile phones, etc. To learn more about apps, click here.
The main technological process of reflow soldering is as follows:

After placing the components to be welded and the main board coated with solder paste on the upper part end, they are transferred to the lower part end in the furnace. At the same time, the solder paste is heated to melt, and then the solder paste is cooled and solidified at the lower part end to complete the welding. Bubbles will remain in the solder joint, which will affect the conductivity or the final use effect.

Vacuum pump application Challenge of reflow soldering

The rate of good product can be greatly improved by using vacuum defoaming. The pumping speed of vacuum pump should be moderate. If the pumping speed is too small, the beat will be slowed down; if the pumping speed is too high, the bubbles in the solder joint will be quickly cracked, and the solder paste will splash, which will affect the yield of the product. When soldering, it is necessary to use flux, usually loose perfume and acidic organic solvent. The electronic industry has zero tolerance for shutdown, and the vacuum pump must ensure the transfer rate.

Vacuum pump for reflow soldering application of selection and characteristics:

Dry screw pump

Dry screw pump

The following features of dry screw vacuum pump are particularly suitable for reflow soldering applications:
Non contact compression + unique cantilever technology, extremely durable, no return to the factory for maintenance within 5 years
Aluminum alloy + anodized rotor, corrosion resistant
The pump cavity can be opened on site, and the rosin deposit layer on the rotor can be washed off with alcohol, and the maintenance can be completed within 1 hour
Active intelligent self-monitoring system can predict the maintenance time point, and will not affect the production suddenly
Low comprehensive cost of ownership (COO, initial investment + later use cost)

Oil sealed vane pump

Oil sealed vane pump

Huge installed capacity verification, sufficient spare parts supply, worry free after-sales service.
The partial pressure of harmful gas in the pump is reduced by gas ballast device to improve the corrosion resistance.
Large fan + fin cooling, low pump temperature, longer pump oil life
It can be equipped with air inlet filter to prevent metal electronic components from entering the pump accidentally.
Rosin and other substances in the flux will be soluble with the pump oil, so the pump oil needs to be replaced regularly.
There is contact between the vane and the pump chamber, which needs to be replaced regularly.
Suitable for pump and reflow furnace 1:1 configuration, low initial investment

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