Dry screw vacuum pump for high purity vacuum process

Dry screw vacuum pump in the process of high purity vacuum process

With the development of high and new technology, more and more industries have strict requirements on vacuum cleaning and environmental protection, so as to avoid the pollution of oil leakage, so the dry screw vacuum pump has developed rapidly

Dry screw vacuum pump for high purity vacuum process

Dry screw vacuum pump is mainly used for high purity vacuum processing process, can deal with gas containing condensable steam, gas containing fine particles. Screw vacuum pump has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high pumping speed, long service life and no maintenance, so it is widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgy industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, papermaking industry, electronic optical engineering and other industries

The screw vacuum pump is composed of the motor stator, motor rotor, rotary disc, engine cylinder, motor and other main parts, and it is a suction and exhaust equipment for synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the pump shell

Since the screw vacuum pump has no vacuum pump material (vacuum pump oil, water, etc.), the gas passing through the screw vacuum pump is not contaminated by the vacuum pump material. In this way, the lower cooling part of the screw vacuum pump is converted into superheated steam, which further improves the utilization rate of solvent raw materials, especially beneficial to the raw materials that are difficult to cool under the screw vacuum pump

Through this process, the waste gas discharged by the screw vacuum pump can basically contain industrial waste gas. In addition, the screw pump exhaust gas through the shell of the tube type cold machine, the noise is greatly reduced

Compared with the starting motor, the screw vacuum pump has low vacuum degree and small air supply, but the volume is exquisite, easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to move and no environmental pollution.

Therefore, in the purchase of screw vacuum pump to determine the required work vacuum, if the true degree of demand is high, the selected screw vacuum pump will be higher than the demand vacuum, otherwise it will not reach the working standard

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