Roots vacuum pump in textile printing and dyeing industry

EVP vacuum pump manufacturers to introduce to you roots vacuum pump speed can not be too high and the application in textile printing and dyeing industry.

Precautions for Roots vacuum pump shutdown:

1. Close the air ballast valve of the mechanical pump of the front oil seal (for example, the air ballast valve of the mechanical pump of the front oil seal is open during the operation);

2. Close the inlet valve of Roots vacuum pump;

3. Stop roots vacuum pump first and then the front vacuum pump. It is strictly forbidden to make mistakes in the shutdown procedure;

4. When the front stage pump is stopped, the air shall be discharged from the air inlet of the front stage pump immediately;

5. Close the cooling water inlet valve;

6. If it is necessary to stop using for a long time, or in winter to prevent frost cracking, open the water drain to drain the remaining water in the cooling water jacket at the fixed end.

Roots vacuum pump in textile printing and dyeing industry:

1. Roots vacuum pump vacuum continuous dehydration

It is mainly used for vacuum dehydration of fur, blanket and wool spinning. The fabric is installed on the rolling car, and the fabric is vacuum absorbed by roots vacuum pump after being pressed by the roller, which can effectively prevent the cloth surface scratch, greatly reduce the moisture content of the page, improve the efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.

2. Treatment of textile printing and dyeing wastewater by roots blower.

Roots blower adopts aeration and reoxygenation method to treat wastewater.

Roots vacuum pump bearing

The reason why the speed of Roots vacuum pump cannot be too high:

Roots vacuum pump in the use of attention to maintain a reasonable range of speed, if the speed is too high, the use of the vacuum pump will be affected, resulting in work efficiency can not keep up, so in the process of use, pay attention to the correctness of the operation method, do not operate blindly, so as to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine.

1. The equipment itself will vibrate. With the increase of rotating speed, the vibration of each part of the equipment will also increase, resulting in adverse effects.

2. If the speed is high, the stroke will be shorter under a certain pumping rate. When the valve is installed, the cylinder diameter should not be too small. Otherwise, the clearance volume will increase, and the compression line and expansion line will be shortened, which is not conducive to improving the vacuum degree. In order to ensure vacuum, the equipment should adopt low speed and long stroke.

3. The suction and exhaust of Roots vacuum pump is realized by the action of air valve. If the speed is too high, the action of air valve will not keep up with it, which is easy to cause lag phenomenon and increase volume loss, which is not conducive to the improvement of vacuum degree. At the same time, it will lead to serious impact of pump valve and aggravate the wear of equipment.

4. When the rotating speed is increased, the balance effect of Roots vacuum pump in balance channel will not be obvious, which can not balance the gas in time, and can not reduce the influence of clearance volume, thus affecting the vacuum degree.

The high rotating speed of Roots vacuum pump not only affects the production efficiency of the equipment, but also damages the machine. Therefore, when using roots vacuum pump, it is necessary to operate according to the standard process to ensure the smooth operation of the machine and prevent the harm caused by high speed.

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