Molecular pump in vacuum coating

With the healthy and orderly development of the audio and video products market in China, the production of CD-ROM reproduction is increasingly prosperous, the scale is expanding, the technical content is rapidly improving, and various new equipment and new products are emerging. In addition to more than 100 CD-ROM reproduction production lines at present, new production lines such as CD-R and DVD are being put into production step by step. However, compared with the rapid expansion of production scale and rapid economic growth, the technical support of equipment maintenance and spare parts supply is much weaker. Vacuum coating is a key link in optical disc production. In order to ensure the quality of coating, molecular pump is used to obtain a clean high vacuum environment, which requires a sufficiently large suction rate to complete pre-pumping and refining in an instant. In the process of replacing disc and sputtering, the vacuum will not decrease significantly. In reliable soil, it is required to be able to work 24 hours a day without stopping. At present, there are more than 100 optical disc production lines in China, and their models are various and various.

Molecular pump in optical disc production application

Molecular pump working principle

The molecular pump is a high vacuum pump that exhausting by means of mechanical movement. The design principle requires its electronic turbine rotor to have a certain linear speed, usually 1/2 of the thermal motion of helium molecule, so the rotational speed is between 2-100,000 rpm. In order to make it run smoothly, each manufacturer adopts high precision bearings, and reduces its vibration and noise through precise dynamic balance, so as to prolong its service life.

Molecular pump manufacturers have adopted new technologies such as ceramic bearings and magnetic bearings. But the wear and tear caused by long time continuous work is unavoidable. At the beginning, the vibration and noise increase or the acceleration time prolongs after start-up. If it continues to be used, the wear and tear intensifies and eventually loses its balance and loops the turbine wheel. Therefore, in the process of using molecular pumps, we should pay great attention to the changes of vibration and noise.

In addition, the acceleration time of molecular pump is a very important criterion, such as the acceleration time of a certain type of molecular pump is 4 minutes. Then, operators must pay attention to the acceleration of molecular pumps every time they start. If each acceleration can be completed at the specified time, it can also explain that the pump is not too much of a problem. Molecular pump parts processing and assembly require high precision, which can only be carried out by trained professionals using a series of special tools. During the assembly process and after the whole machine is installed, it needs to be tested by special instruments. All the indexes meet the requirements before they can be used. Therefore, the maintenance of turbo molecular pump is usually carried back to the manufacturer, rather than being used at the scene. User’s responsibility is to pay attention to early detection of abnormal conditions, timely repair, avoid causing greater damage in the case of difficult to determine, it is best to invite professionals to the scene to help judge. Never remove the pump body yourself. Even if the bolts of the SIP part are loosened, the clearance between the internal moving parts will be changed, and the consequence is very serious.

At present, it is an indisputable fact that domestic molecular pumps are increasingly replacing similar imported products. The first vertical molecular pump in China was developed by the Science and Instrument Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the early years. It has a strong history for many years. The vacuum index, mechanical performance and service life of domestic molecular pumps have reached the level of similar products abroad, but the price is only 1/3-1/5 of that of similar products abroad.

EVP provides molecular pump products from F 100, F-150 to F – 2 50. In addition to the price advantages, domestic molecular pumps show obvious advantages in installation, commissioning, maintenance and service. Problems can be solved in time and bring great convenience to users. The normal operation of the equipment is more guaranteed, while ensuring the normal operation of the CD production line, the operation cost and the corresponding maintenance cost are greatly reduced. In view of the difference in the form and size of the flange between the molecular pumps from different manufacturers and the different types of CD-ROM production line equipment, the driving power supply also needs some automatic control functions to connect with the whole machine. There are about three kinds: the keyboard controls the starting of the molecular pump; after starting the mechanical pump, the vacuum reaches the set value, the control is carried out. The molecular pump starts to accelerate the sub sense to the rated speed and outputs the normal signal. It can be seen that some manufacturers choose to replace molecular pumps, but still need to do interface conversion and automatic control work, so as producers should also be prepared in advance.

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