Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in the metallurgical industry

Generally speaking, some industries that can use vacuum are basically inseparable from equipment such as liquid ring vacuum pumps. Vacuum is widely used. This type of equipment is also widely used. In the metallurgical industry, through its application, In the process, its advantages can be discovered in time:

1.Protect solvent separation and vacuum sintering

It is necessary to separate the protective agent used to protect the metal from oxidation in the process of high-purity metal refining and alloy manufacturing. Most of this process is completed under the vacuum condition of the liquid ring vacuum pump, and the sintering is also carried out under vacuum.  In the production process of tungsten alloy (machined tool), the tungsten alloy powder is protected with paraffin wax and ethanol (alcohol) solvent. Before sintering, the solvent needs to be removed under vacuum and sintered into a block in a vacuum furnace. A liquid ring vacuum pump is required.

2.Vacuum casting

Lost foam casting is a relatively new casting process, the main production link is dry sand vacuum fastening.

In the metallurgical industry, some metals are often refined and separated, and vacuum is required under many conditions. Vacuum equipment has been used many times. In the application process, we need to use the liquid ring vacuum pump correctly and fully understand some of its working principles.

How to use the liquid ring vacuum pump to be more energy-saving?

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in the metallurgical industry

Liquid ring vacuum pumps have always been paid attention to in terms of obtaining rough vacuum, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum evaporation, etc., and they are widely used in many industrial production processes. In order to pursue high profits, it is necessary to save energy as much as possible, so how can the liquid ring vacuum pump be used to make the liquid ring vacuum pump more energy-saving?

1.The liquid ring vacuum pump is installed obliquely to reduce the elbow or the volute turning, so that the water outlet is facing the pool

2.Shorten the liquid ring vacuum pump pipeline and remove the 1 meter steel pipe, which can save 0.21 kg of diesel in 10 hours

3.Expand the diameter of the water outlet pipe of the liquid ring vacuum pump. For example, replacing the 4 meter long 10 cm water outlet hose with a 15 cm pipe can save 0.5 kg of diesel in 10 hours.

4.Under the condition that the inlet water can be kept clean, the filter screen of the liquid ring vacuum pump can be removed

5.Replace the mouth ring of the liquid ring vacuum pump and adjust the axial gap to prevent impeller mouth ring and axial gap from being inappropriate. When using it, adjust according to the factory instructions of the liquid ring vacuum pump. Pay attention to the requirements to avoid improper operation on the equipment. damage

6.The pipe blockage of the liquid ring vacuum pump equipment should be cleaned up in time: foreign objects left in the inlet pipe, impeller or flow channel of the deflector shell will reduce the water output of the liquid ring vacuum pump.

7.Prevent the liquid ring vacuum pump from air intake, air intake, and water output will be significantly reduced. All sealing parts should be inspected, and problems should be solved in time.

8.Direct transmission by coupling instead of flat belt can improve the transmission efficiency of liquid ring vacuum pump

9.Eliminate the “anti-aircraft gun” type water outlet, which will increase the energy consumption of the liquid ring vacuum pump

The above energy-saving methods for liquid ring vacuum pumps can all save energy by reducing resistance or shortening the working distance, but the prerequisite for energy saving is not to disrupt the normal operation of the equipment.

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