milking vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is an important part of the milking machine, so the selection of suitable milking vacuum pump and its stability is directly related to milk production, milk quality, incidence of mastitis and milking efficiency.

What is a milking machine?

Milking machine is composed of milker and vacuum device. The suction action produced by vacuum device was used to simulate the sucking action of calf (sheep) and suck out the milk of cattle (sheep).

Milking machine operation process

Although the use of milking machines can greatly improve the efficiency and cleanliness of milk, we should pay attention to the following points when using milking machines. Only by strictly operating in accordance with the specifications can we achieve the ultimate goal of using milking machines:

1. Before milking, do a good job of cleaning and disinfection of the milking machine to ensure that the milking meets the hygienic quality requirements. At the same time, we should observe and touch the appearance of breast whether there is swelling, heat and trauma, and then squeeze the first milk of each breast area into the cup with face net, check whether there are clots, flocs and water samples in milk, so as to detect clinical mastitis in time, prevent mastitis breast from mixing into normal breast.

2. Milkers should be relatively stable and have a gentle attitude toward cows. They must never fight cows to avoid developing cattle fetishism.

3. The nipple rubber of milking machine should have enough elasticity and suitable size to suit the use of different size nipples of dairy cows.

4. Milking machines should not have any harmful stimulation on dairy cows, in order to avoid affecting the breast health and normal lactation of dairy cows.

Milking vacuum pump


At present, water ring vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump are used in domestic pasture. Rotary vane vacuum pump is cheap and easy to install, but it has the disadvantages of high noise and high consumption of lubricating oil. The disadvantages of water ring vacuum pump are high power consumption, low efficiency and high noise.

In contrast, Roots vacuum pump can be operated for a long time, with strong pumping capacity, high efficiency and no pollution. But the price is relatively high.

If the vacuum pump breaks down, it will paralyse the whole set of milking equipment, and then affect the operation of the whole pasture, which will cause serious economic losses. Therefore, the choice of the right vacuum pump is very important for milking equipment and pasture.

Roots vacuum pump runs stably, has low noise, high efficiency and energy saving. It uses high-quality materials for precision casting, and its service life can reach more than 10 years.

The application of vacuum pump in cow milking truck greatly simplifies the structure design, small size, portable, low noise, easy operation, easy maintenance and low cost. It provides mechanized equipment for dairy farms, especially collective farms and individual dairy cattle breeders. Milking vacuum pumps are one of the types of vacuum pumps. If you want to know more about vacuum pumps, please feel free to

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