Dry scroll vacuum pump price

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump of Import Price

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Products of Brief Introduction:

No need for oil lubrication, no need for water cooling. No refueling, no fuel injection. Low noise and vibration. The movable and fixed scroll discs are not contacted, and the energy consumption is low. Sealing material is super wear-resistant, reliable and durable.

Dry scroll vacuum pump price

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump of Characteristic

Double-wound scroll pump with 1 track screw and 2 fixed screw.
Operating at atmospheric pressure.
High limit vacuum can be achieved.
Low vibration and low noise.
Maintenance cycles can be controlled by timetables.

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump of Application

Analytical equipment
Gas recovery system
Coating equipment
TMP front pump
Helium Leakage Detector
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Dry scroll vacuum pump performance curve

Dry scroll vacuum pump performance curve

Dry scroll vacuum pump shape size

Dry scroll vacuum pump shape size

Dry scroll vacuum pump structure:

The dry scroll vacuum pump is composed of pump head, motor, frame, etc. The head of the pump consists of a movable scroll disc, a crankshaft, a seal, a fan and a pump case, etc. The scroll disc is composed of a circular plane and one or more involute spiral disc walls extending from it. The scroll disc pair composed of a fixed scroll disc and a movable scroll disc constitutes the basic pumping mechanism of a dry scroll vacuum pump. During the working process, the movable and fixed scroll discs do not contact each other, and the shrinking crescent-shaped suction chamber and compression chamber are formed by relative motion. Through the circulation of suction, compression and exhaust, the gas is sucked and exhausted from the suction outlet, thus realizing the vacuum pumping of the sucked chamber body.

During the working process of the dry scroll vacuum pump, the bearing is completely isolated from the airflow passage, which extends the application of the dry scroll vacuum pump to the wider fields of oil and gas recovery, petrochemical industry, food and medicine, etc.

Use precautions:

Dry scroll vacuum pump can not pump harmful or explosive, flammable or corrosive gases, or contain chemicals, solvents, and substances that can produce powder, in order to avoid personal injury caused by poisonous gas, explosion or combustion.
The intake temperature of dry scroll vacuum pump can not exceed 50 C. If it exceeds that temperature, cooling devices must be installed on the intake pipeline to make the intake temperature below 50 C.

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