vacuum pump front gas liquid separator

The vacuum pump front gas-liquid separator is a newly developed energy-saving product for vacuum dehydration. Water ring vacuum pump can not absorb water completely. It is a device that can automatically separate the gas and liquid mixture from the closed container or adsorption products (such as egg tray, paper-making, mineral wool board, etc.) before entering the water ring vacuum pump, so that the water ring vacuum pump can only inhale but not absorb water, so as to reduce the energy consumption of the water ring vacuum pump motor. Put an end to the water ring vacuum pump suction produced over compression, damage impeller, motor overload and other imaginary.

For example, in the process of well point dewatering, the water vapor mixture from the underground branch pipes was directly discharged from the drainage outlet of the water ring vacuum pump, which is very easy to cause the impeller rupture of the vacuum pump and the overload and burning of the motor. However, after the automatic front gas-liquid separator is installed between the well point pipe and the vacuum pump, the water ring vacuum pump only inhales but does not absorb water, and the water is automatically discharged by the automatic gas-liquid separator It is a new energy-saving product.

water ring vacuum pump with air water separator


1: Energy saving, water vapor separation does not need any power, water ring vacuum pump motor does not overload, low energy consumption.

2: The negative pressure of vacuum system is not affected in the process of automatic liquid discharge.

3: Intelligent operation, without manual protection

The working principle of the gas-liquid separator in front of the vacuum pump is composed of two unequal diameter Steam Tanks and one liquid tank, and the power distribution control system. When the water ring vacuum is started, the negative pressure in the gas tank reaches a certain pressure, and the steam water mixture in the pumping system is sucked into the gas tank, and the gas is sucked away by the vacuum pump, and the liquid falls into the drain pipe under the action of the earth’s gravity. When the liquid level continues to rise to the upper limit, the drain will open automatically and the liquid will be discharged. When the liquid level drops to the lower limit, the drain will be closed. In this way, the system completes the whole drainage process.

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