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EVP is focused on vacuum pump manufacturing supply and vacuum system R & D service for more than ten years. It is committed to providing high-quality, high-efficiency, high-stability vacuum products and vacuum solutions for users in the global vacuum field. With the world’s leading vacuum technology, rich application field experience and thoughtful sales, sales and after-sales service to meet the needs of customers in all industries.

Our hot products are supplied with liquid ring vacuum pumps in Saudi Arabia. Next, I would like to introduce you to:

How to classify the liquid ring vacuum pump?

Classification by suction and exhaust state

1) Liquid ring vacuum pump. The pump inlet is in a vacuum state and the outlet is in an atmospheric pressure liquid ring vacuum pump. It is mainly used for vacuum water diversion (deacidification, degasification), vacuum dampening and the like. The limit of the single-stage pump is at least 50hPa, and the two-stage pump is 39hPa.

Saudi Arabia Vacuum Pump Supplier

2) Liquid ring compressor. The inlet of the pump is in the atmospheric pressure state, and the outlet is in the pressure state of the liquid ring vacuum pump. Mainly used in chemical industry hydrogen, chlorine, vinyl chloride gas and other media pressure delivery. the discharge pressure of the single stage pump can reach 0.3 mpa and the two stage pump can reach 0.6 mpa. The structure of compressor above two stages is complex, the improvement of compression capacity is not proportional to the series, generally not used.

Liquid ring compressor

At present, the market also needs a liquid-ring vacuum pump between the vacuum pump and the compressor, that is, the inlet is in a vacuum state, the outlet is in a compressed state, the working pressure is generally lower than 500 hPa, and we are called a liquid-ring vacuum-compression pump. It is commonly used for pumping the gas in the underground coal mine and the gas of the anti-fire furnace.

By suction, exhaust direction class

1) the axial suction and the exhaust gas are absorbed by the side distribution plate, and the exhaust window enters the axial direction in the axial direction, and the impeller is discharged.

The suction and exhaust windows of this method are arranged on the distribution plate plane on the side of the impeller. The exhaust window can be made into adjustable form, which minimizes the overcompression in the low vacuum region and the compression shortage in the high vacuum region. The power curve is in the shape of no overload, and the high efficiency region is broadened. In the trial production process, the window size and angle can be easily changed to achieve the best efficiency. In addition, the structure of this method is simple, easy to make a two-stage pump, but due to the limitation of window area, it is not suitable to make a double-acting type.

2) Radial suction, exhaust

The gas is drawn radially into and out of the impeller from the suction on the surface of the dispenser mounted in the impeller wheel. The method can be made into single and double action modes, and in particular, when the double-acting mode is made, the window area is larger and the efficiency is far higher than that of the axial type. But the structure is complex, the manufacturing is difficult, the size of the window can not be adjusted, and the two-stage pump is not easy to be formed.

Liquid ring vacuum pump suppliers

The following editor has arranged for you to choose the liquid ring vacuum pump suppliers should pay attention to the following points:

1. The working pressure shall make the vacuum and working pressure requirements of the vacuum equipment.

2. Select the operating point of the vacuum pump correctly. Each pump has a working pressure range.

3. Under its working pressure, the amount of gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment should be discharged.

4. Properly combine the vacuum pump. Since the vacuum pump has selective pumping, it is sometimes selected that a pump cannot be pumped and several pumps are required to be combined.

5. Requirements for oil pollution of vacuum equipment. If the equipment is strictly required to be free of oil, several pumps with no oil should be selected

6. Understand the composition of the extracted gas, which contains no condensable vapor, no particulate dust, no corrosion, etc.

7. What is the impact of the discharged oil vapor on the environment?

8. The vibration generated during operation has no influence on the process and environment.

9. The price, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

EVP Vacuum Co., Ltd., in addition to the above service items, has also added pressure vessel application and inspection application for customers, especially in recent years, the projects of heat energy recovery, energy-saving transformation, energy recovery and so on, which will save energy for many customers and bring high return.

Enterprise tenet: to provide customers with high quality compressed air.

Enterprise Vision: One of the industry brands that are committed to building a world-leading vision.

Enterprise mission: to provide customers with air compressor system comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of different industry categories.

Enterprise culture: integrity, interaction, struggle, innovation, and practical.

Service advantages: with leading air pressure system solutions, perfect sales, after-sales service system, for your enterprise to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

Saudi Arabia vacuum pump suppliers, choose the right manufacturers, buy the right products, Shenzhen steady and considerate service, as well as good after-sales service, so that you carefully select their own products.

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