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At present, water ring vacuum pump may not be suitable for some occasions because of efficiency, environmental protection and other problems. But in some cases that need isothermal compression or contain a lot of water vapor and impurities, when we must use the water ring vacuum pump, what should we pay attention to when choosing? How to choose the best water ring vacuum pump.

We know that in the selection of water ring vacuum pump, the basic parameters of the equipment are concerned with the air volume, vacuum degree and exhaust pressure required for the work. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the water ring vacuum pump operates in the high-efficiency area of the equipment as much as possible and avoid operating near the limit vacuum degree or the maximum exhaust pressure.

For the water ring vacuum pump, to ensure the operation in the high efficiency area is for efficiency and stability. If it operates near the limit vacuum degree and the maximum exhaust pressure, the efficiency of the vacuum pump is extremely low, and the operation is very unstable, which is easy to generate vibration and noise. Moreover, the water ring vacuum pump is prone to cavitation, resulting in the damage of pump body, impeller and other parts, and even unable to work.


When there are basic parameters, in the process of selecting vacuum pump, if the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure required by the pump is not high, the single-stage pump can be selected preferentially; if the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure is high, the single-stage pump is often unable to meet, or the pump is still required to have large air extraction capacity and stable air extraction performance under high vacuum degree, the double-stage pump can be selected; if the vacuum degree is required to be – 710mmhg Above, the gas ejector + water ring pump unit can be selected as the vacuum pumping device to improve the pumping speed of the equipment under low pressure and avoid cavitation of the water ring vacuum pump.

In addition, if it is only used as a vacuum pump, it is better to choose a single acting pump, with simple structure, easy maintenance, and good cavitation resistance under high vacuum; if it can also be used as a compressor, it is more appropriate to choose a double acting pump. The double acting pump has the advantages of large air volume, small volume, automatic balance of radial force, low fatigue fracture of shaft and long service life of pump.

The function of water ring vacuum pump is to remove gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reduce the gas pressure in the vacuum chamber, and make it reach the required vacuum degree. Generally speaking, there is a large range from atmosphere to extremely high vacuum. So far, no vacuum system can cover this range. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of process index, working efficiency and equipment working life of different products, different vacuum system configuration needs to be selected for different vacuum sections. In order to achieve the best configuration, select the vacuum system. According to the above requirements, the most suitable water ring vacuum pump can be selected.

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