Iraq liquid ring vacuum pump

For decades, EVP vacuum pump manufacturers have been developing and manufacturing liquid ring vacuum pumps and are known for their industry-specific advancements in innovation in this field. Iraqi liquid ring vacuum pump occupies the Iraqi liquid ring vacuum pump market with energy-saving and high efficiency, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, no oil, no leakage, high power pumping speed and high vacuum.

Iraqi liquid ring vacuum pumps are suitable for many sectors of discontinuous and continuous operation in the three basic processes of extraction, leak extraction and degassing, for example: extracting dry gases, saturated gases and vapours, extracting polluting gases, at constant vacuum Lower liquid fraction, transporting explosive gases, such as hydrogen-free oil-free compression, ie oil-free suction pressure in the medium and in the exhaust air up to 33 mbar abs, gas injectors (also known as “injectors”) up to 5 Barbar abs.


The function of the liquid ring vacuum pump is to remove gas molecules from the vacuum chamber and reduce the gas pressure in the vacuum chamber to achieve the required vacuum. In general, there is a large range from atmospheric to very high vacuum, and so far no vacuum system has covered this range. Therefore, in order to achieve different product process specifications, work efficiency and equipment working life requirements, different vacuum sections need to choose different vacuum system configurations. For optimal configuration, the following points should be considered when selecting a vacuum system:

1. The ultimate pressure of the vacuum pump should meet the working pressure of the process. The ultimate pressure of the pump is usually chosen to be about an order of magnitude lower than the process requirements.

2. Each pump has a certain working pressure range. Therefore, the working point of the pump should be selected within this range, and it should not be allowed to work for a long time outside the allowable working pressure.

3. Under the working pressure, the vacuum pump should be able to remove all the gas generated during the vacuum equipment process.

4. Select the vacuum unit:

When a pump cannot meet the pumping and vacuum requirements, several pumps need to be combined to complement each other to meet the process requirements.

Some vacuum pumps can’t work under atmospheric pressure, and need pre-vacuum; some vacuum pump outlet pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, and the foreline pump is needed, so the pump needs to be combined. The vacuum pump used in combination, which we call the vacuum pump unit, can make the vacuum system get better vacuum and displacement. We should choose the right combination of vacuum pumps. Because different vacuum pumps have different requirements for the gas to be pumped out, for example, in general, the Roots-rotary-spindle unit is not suitable for systems containing more condensable gases.

5. When you choose an oil seal pump, you should first understand whether your vacuum system requires oil contamination. If the equipment is strictly required to be oil-free, you should choose a variety of oil-free pumps, such as liquid ring vacuum pumps, cryopumps, etc. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose to have an oil pump, plus some oil pollution measures, such as adding cold traps, oil traps, baffles, etc., can also achieve clean vacuum requirements.

6. Understand the composition of the gas to be pumped. The gas contains no condensable vapor, no particle dust, and no corrosiveness. When selecting a vacuum pump, you need to know the gas composition and select the appropriate pump for the pumped gas. If the gas contains steam, particulates, and corrosive gases, consider installing auxiliary equipment such as condensers, dust collectors, etc. on the inlet piping of the pump.

7. When selecting an oil seal vacuum pump, consider how the oil vapor (soot) discharged from the vacuum pump affects the environment. If the environment does not allow contamination, you should choose an oil-free vacuum pump or discharge the oil vapor to the outside.

8. The vibration generated during the working of the vacuum pump has no effect on the process and the environment. If the process is not allowed, the pump without vibration should be selected or the anti-vibration measures should be taken.

9. The price, operation and maintenance cost of the vacuum pump.


The versatility and robustness of the Iraqi liquid ring vacuum pump make it a wise choice for a variety of applications.

Our proficiency enables us to offer a Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps to our clients spread across the globe. Available in various models and specifications, these Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump are optimum in quality and are known for rugged construction and durability.

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