Dry running vacuum pumps

Efficient, low maintenance solution. It provides a wide range of dry running vacuum pumps, which can be used in various industries. Capable of continuous operation only in clean, dry air, they are multi-functional options for any organization.

It is hoped that these innovative sectors can be used by more enterprises. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we are able to offer the broadest range of products at different price points, and that every organization can find products that fit its needs and budget. Leverage our extensive catalog and deep industry knowledge and discuss your business solutions with one of our consultants.

Dry running vacuum pump multi function and reliability

The dry running vacuum pump is the preferred design for the business owners working in challenging environments in many industries. Dry rotary vane pumps are known for their flexibility. They are different from other types of pumps in that they can operate under any pressure. Maintenance is easy, including replacing blades and cleaning filters, minimizing the labor costs associated with the pump, and ensuring that you can spend time, money, and other resources to grow your business.

The main application fields include: sucker movement, automatic machinery, woodworking machinery. There are no special restrictions on the use of dry vane vacuum compressor, but the maximum working pressure shall not exceed the rated value. Therefore, the use of safety valves is always recommended. If you want to learn more about these units, please contact one of our employees immediately.

Dry running vacuum pumps

Dry running vacuum pumps

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