Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump structure

The liquid ring vacuum pump is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, end face disc and pump body end cover, as shown in the following figure.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

liquid ring vacuum pump of basic structure diagram

Pump body: The machining precision of the inner cavity is not high, but the casting blank is required (no casting defects such as sand holes, porosity, etc.).

Impeller: cast as a whole, with ductile iron and stainless steel (corrosion resistance).
Can be made into straight blades (limited to small pumps); generally made of forward curved blades, the front curved blades are conducive to the stability of the water ring and improve the circumferential speed of the water ring, improve the limit of vacuum pump.

End face disc: A suction and exhaust port is provided to communicate the suction and exhaust passage between the pump cavity (impeller cabin) and the end cover of the pump side.

Pump body end cover: small pump one side end cover is open with suction and exhaust outlets, large pump in order to meet the requirements of suction and exhaust volume, increase the suction area, both sides are open suction and exhaust channels, in the pump body outside the pipeline will be both sides of the suction and exhaust outlets in parallel to increase the suction and exhaust channel area.

2SK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2SK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Technical parameters:

Model Suction capacity Ultimate vacuum Power speed Water supply Inlet/outlet diam Water inlet
m³/min MPa(G) KW r/min L/min DN(mm) (mm)
2SK1.5 1.35 -0.097 4 1440 10-15 40 G1/2”
2SK-3 2.7 -0.098 7.5/11 1440 15-20 40 G1/2”
2SK-6 5.4 -0.098 15 1460 25-35 65 G1/2”
2SK-12 10.8 -0.098 22/30 970 40-50 100 G1/2”
2SK-20 18 -0.098 45 740 60-80 125 G3/4”
2SK-30 27 -0.098 55/75 740 70-90 125 G3/4”


The liquid ring vacuum pump has simple structure and low manufacturing accuracy, and is easy to process. The operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient and the structure is compact. The pump is usually connected directly with the motor and has higher revolutions. With a smaller structure size, larger displacement can be achieved. There is no metal friction surface in the pump cavity, so there is no need to lubricate the pump. The seals between the rotating parts and the fixings can be directly sealed by water seals.

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