Roots blower in mechanical printing industry

Roots blowers have different uses. In different industries, their uses are different. Today, let me talk about the use of Roots blowers in the mechanical printing industry

Roots blower has the function of blowing and sucking. The blower mainly uses the air pressure of the fan to adsorb and fix the printed matter. In the printing industry, it uses the suction and pressure of the blower to separate the sheets of paper with too long accumulation time, so as to avoid the offset in the printing process and ensure the smooth completion of the printed matter. It can collect and transfer automatically at high speed. By using the suction of the blower, the paper which has just been processed from the printing press can be held on the roller to slow down the moving speed and improve the working efficiency.

There are many kinds of printing machines: pad printing machines, silk screen printing machines, self-adhesive printing machines, trademark printing machines and so on. But the models of blowers used in different printing machines are also different. Therefore, friends in mechanical printing should pay attention to the selection of blowers. It is the most important to choose the fans suitable for their own products. Of course, the quality is also very important Important, roots blower material, performance, power, air volume, wind pressure and some additional value of products, such as: delivery date, after-sales service, service attitude, product warranty period, service life, etc., should be considered carefully to choose the products suitable for themselves, which can save the purchasing time in the future. Of course, the selection of other roots blowers should also be carefully considered, and professionals can be allowed to help select the type.

Roots blower in mechanical printing industry

When choosing blowers, the choice of Roots blower manufacturers is very important. We should not only consider the fan air pressure, fan air volume, fan use industry, size and other technical parameters, but also consider the selection of blower manufacturers, whether the manufacturers have certain strength, whether they can provide the best pre-sale and after-sales service! Secondly, whether the blower manufacturer has its own production base / factory is also the top priority of the assessment.

The technical parameters of the machine are of course important, and the selection of the fan’s technical parameters is the key point of the assessment. The quality of the fan can bring better operation efficiency to our products; however, this is not the only assessment target when selecting fans. We should pay more attention to how to select cooperative fan manufacturers.

1. See if the wind turbine provider has its own R & D team.

2. Whether the fan supplier is the agent of the fan manufacturer or the direct sales organization of the fan manufacturer.

3. Whether the fan to be used meets the technical parameter requirements given by the technical management personnel.

4. Can maintenance and technical parameters be configured according to the requirements of the enterprise?

5. The second is after-sales: how to ensure the technical problems of product after-sales, and whether there are special after-sales service personnel

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