Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system

What is roots vacuum pump hydraulic system:

Improper pressure adjustment of Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system causes system fever. Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system is generally high pressure and large flow system.

The programmable controller has introduced roots vacuum pump, which has greatly improved the reliability of the electrical system. At the same time, the pressure of Roots vacuum pump and the working conditions of each system should be observed. After the system works normally, it can be pumped at normal speed. The pumping work of Roots vacuum should be carried out as continuously as possible. The piston of concrete cylinder should be kept running at the maximum stroke in order to give full play to the maximum efficiency of Roots vacuum pump and make concrete cylinder at the same time. The wear is uniform in length direction. If the roots vacuum pump is too high and unstable, the oil temperature will rise. No forced pumping shall be allowed in the case of open crown vibration and difficult pumping of the conveying pipe, and the cause shall be immediately ascertained and eliminated.

From the investigation of fine stone concrete pump, it is found that the temperature of many types of Roots vacuum pump can reach 60 e after 40 minutes of use, and the heat balance temperature of the hydraulic system can reach 70 e or more after 2 hours of use, while the normal heat balance temperature of Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system should be about 50 E. Therefore, the problem of high oil temperature in Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system is the problem of heating. In Roots vacuum pump hydraulic system, safety valve, relief valve and sequence valve are often installed in the system because of the performance requirements. If the pressure of the relief valve is too low, the relief valve will be opened frequently, resulting in overflow loss, resulting in system heating; if the pressure is too high, it will increase the leakage in the system, so that the system heating, therefore, according to the load requirements of the hydraulic system, the correct calculation and adjustment of the relief valve and pressure value, so as to ensure that the system in the provisions. Work within the pressure range. The hammer can be struck by the hammer. Tapered pipes and other parts, and slow pumping or anti pump, to prevent clogging.

ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump

In hot summer, wet straw bags should be used to cover the pipeline to prevent the concrete collapse too fast and pipe plugging during pumping. However, no matter what type of pump, its actuators are the same, including the main delivery cylinder, distribution valve swing cylinder and stirring motor, and the cylinder reversal is controlled by the corresponding solenoid valve on and off and travel switch (or proximity switch). Advanced S-tube valve structure, floating seal automatically compensates wear clearance, good sealing effect, glasses plate and cutting ring using high-hard wear-resistant alloy material, longer life, Roots vacuum pump main oil pump variable plunger pump, pumping speed can be self-adjustable, using full hydraulic control reversal, safety and reliability, and reversing impact is small, with a small, reversing. Reverse pump energy, minimize pipe blockage, high outlet pressure, can meet the transportation requirements of long-distance construction. Hydraulic oil cooling adopts advanced air-cooled cooling system, without water supply, easy to use, disk can be installed with 600 or 900mm gauge wheelset, easy to transport along the track, small size, light weight, vertical crane can be lifted into the crane. The pumping process of Roots vacuum pump is closely related to the performance of concrete. At the same time, attention should be paid to the details of operating procedures in the process of operation, timely detection and troubleshooting to improve the efficiency of the pump. Roots vacuum pump should operate at a slow and uniform speed and then accelerate gradually.


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