Water treatment roots blowers

Sewage treatment roots blower is referred to as sewage treatment blower. The main function of the sewage treatment fan is to provide oxygen to the sewage treatment tank. And keep the sewage constantly flowing, to ensure that the sewage can fully contact with oxygen, the microorganisms in the sewage get oxidized, so as to achieve the purpose of clear water.

Roots blower, as a mechanical device frequently used in sewage treatment of activated sludge process, plays an important role in the normal operation of sewage treatment plant. Its operation quality is directly related to the safety and economy of sewage treatment, as well as the level of effluent water quality index after treatment.

The characteristics of roots blower for sewage treatment are:

1. Uniform exhaust. Can be sewage can be fully exposed to oxygen.

2. No lubricating oil is needed, so the discharged gas is clean air, which will not pollute the water quality again.
3, the exhaust gas has a greater pressure.

Under what circumstances are roots blowers used in the sewage treatment process:

According to the biochemical transformation technology of pollutants, sewage treatment processes can be divided into the following:
1. Activated sludge process: SBR, AO, AAO, oxidation ditch, etc.;
2. Biofilm method: biological filter tank, biological rotary table, biological contact oxidation tank, etc.;
3. Anaerobic biological treatment: anaerobic digestion, hydrolysis acidification pool, UASB, etc.;
4. Biological treatment under natural conditions: stabilization pond, ecosystem pond and land treatment.
In all of the above cases, roots blower can be used in addition to anaerobic biological treatment to provide a systematic solution for sewage treatment.

Water treatment roots blowers

Water treatment roots blowers

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