Vacuum pump system maintenance

The quality of the vacuum pump system depends on its machine layout and the quality of the oil. It must be maintained when the vacuum pump is used. If distillation of volatile organic solvents, organic solvents will be oil absorption effect increased vapor pressure, thereby reducing the efficiency of the pumping time, if it is acid gas, this will erode the oil pump, if it is water vapor will make oil into emulsion and pumping out the vacuum pump.

Therefore, we must pay attention to several points when using vacuum pump system

1. between the distillation system and the vacuum pump, it must be equipped with suction assembly.

2. before distillation, the steam from the organic solvent outside the system must be pumped completely.

3. If the pump can be used for pumping, can the use of water pumps, such as distillates containing volatile materials, whether the first pump to reduce pressure pumping, and then switch to oil pumps.

4. The decompression system must be kept sparse without air leakage, all the rubber plugs should be suitable for the large and small warfare channels, and the rubber tubes should be vacuum rubber tubes. Ground glass is coated with vacuum grease.

CVS Centre Vacuum System

Technical parameter:

Size Speed(m3/h) Vacuum pump Pumpquantity Pressure(MPA) Vacuum tank(m3)
CVS-1X010 10 SV-010 1pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X020 20 SV-020 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X025 25 SV-025 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X040 40 SV-040 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X063 63 SV-063 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X100 100 SV-100 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X160 160 SV-160 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-1X250 250 SV-250 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-1X300 300 SV-300 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X010 20 SV-010 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X020 40 SV-020 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X025 50 SV-025 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X040 80 SV-040 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-1
CVS-2X063 126 SV-063 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X100 200 SV-100 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X160 320 SV-160 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-2X250 500 SV-250 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X100 100 SV-100 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X160 480 SV-160 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X250 750 SV-250 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X300 900 SV-300 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2


According to the limitation of application, can the vacuum pump be divided into three categories?

(1) the pressure of normal pump does not reach 1.333~100kPa (10~760mmHg) as a “fine” vacuum.

(2) the pressure of the oil pump can reach 0.133~133.3Pa (0.001~1mmHg) as a “secondary high” vacuum.

(3) the pressure of the dispersed pump can reach 0.133Pa with high and (10-3mmHg) high vacuum.

If you want lower pressure, you need to use the oil pump. The oil pump can pump 133.3Pa (1mmHg) high.

There are two kinds of vacuum pumps which are often used in organic chemistry laboratory, one is water pump, the other is vacuum pump. If the pressure is not very low, the other is water pump. If the layout of the pump is high and the water pressure is high, the pumping efficiency can reach 1067 ~ 3333 Pa (8 ~ 25 mmHg).

The lowest pressure that the pump can draw is actually equivalent to the steam pressure at high temperature. For example, when the water temperature is 25, 20, and 10, the vapor pressure is 3192, 2394, and 1197 Pa (8-25 mmHg). When pumping air with a water pump, a quiet bottle should be installed in front of the pump to prevent high water pressure drop and reverse suction of water flow; before pumping is stopped, the pump should be deflated first and then closed.


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