KT series oil diffusion pump

K and KT Series oil diffusion vacuum pump also called as oil booster has large pumping speed and high vacuum degree and long life-time. It is the popular for vacuum furnace and vacuum coating machine.Acquiescent flange is CF standard with bolted type.

KT series oil diffusion vacuum pump are the equipment mainly used for getting the high vacuum (10-2 pa – 10-5 pa) condition. It can make the high vacuum pumping system with valves, water-cooled baffle, pipelines, mechanical vacuum pump, etc, Which can generate 10-2 pa–10-4 pa working vacuum degree. If adopts liquid nitrogen cooling device and baking equipement, it can obtain ultrahigh vacuum (up to 10-6Pa).

Main features:
High pumping capacity, the pumping capacity from 480L/s to 130000L/s.
It adds observation windows (sight glasses), oil inlet and outlet, the protection device for pump oil overheat, the alarm device for cooling water overheat , etc.
KT series adopt stretching process, reduces weld crack and out gassing and increases strength.
There are two kinds of heaters (electric heating wire and electric heating plate) as alternative when you place orders.

Its widely used for high technology fields of vacuum coating ( such as Multi-arc ion coating machine, Magnetron sputtering coating machine, Resistance evaporation coating machine, Electron beam evaporation optical coating machine, Rolling vacuum coating, Continuous vacuum coating machine production line /In-line coating production line, etc), vacuum furnace ( such as, vacuum soldering/brazing furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum carburizing furnace, etc), electron, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, material, creature medicine, atomic energy and universe probe, etc.

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