How to use negative pressure vacuum pump

The vacuum roots vacuum pump is easy to operate. In fact, it is not. There is a lot of professional knowledge in it. What we want to share with you today is the actual operation of starting and stopping the vacuum roots vacuum pump

1. Before vacuum pumping with negative pressure roots vacuum pump, the vacuum pump should be started to run up and down for 20 minutes. After the oil temperature rises, the air extraction valve of generator set is opened to vacuum the generator set;

2. When the generator set is vacuumized, the gas ballast valve should be opened to let the steam evaporate immediately, and the opening oil hole should be opened regularly to release condensate (once every 20 minutes);

3. In the operation process, if the vacuum degree is very poor, the valve should not be opened too much or too fast under normal conditions, otherwise the water solution will be easily pumped out of the pump;

4. The condensate at the bottom of the oil container should be drained immediately to prevent it from entering the vacuum pump and damaging the vacuum pump;

5. Before the negative pressure roots vacuum pump stops using, after closing the suction valve of the generator set, the vacuum pump should operate again for 20 minutes, so that the water vapor in the pump can volatilize sufficiently to avoid erosion in the pump;

6, there is a definite negative pressure roots vacuum pump running in the memory of non condensable gas before it can start really pumping vacuum;

7. It is forbidden to blindly follow the wind to vacuum it, in case of damage to the negative pressure roots vacuum pump and vacuum degree reduction.

What should be paid attention to when applying vacuum negative pressure station system?

1. The vacuum pressure controller can set the upper and lower limit of vacuum between 0-101.3kpa, and the error is less than 1%. The air storage tank of air compressor in vacuum station is produced and manufactured according to customer’s regulations, generally in the middle of 0.065 ~ 3m3. After the vacuum station is started, the vacuum degree in the vacuum tank is kept in the middle of the set upper and lower limits.

2. The vacuum negative pressure station system software adopts the famous brand vacuum pump in China, which can be equipped according to the air supply (rotary vane type, water circulation type).

3. Each pump in the air compressor station is equipped with a set of boosting electromagnetic induction check valve to avoid common faults of vacuum pump oil.

4. The manufacturing industry can design metal materials or dust filtering device according to the customer’s requirements, and maintain the vacuum collection machinery and equipment reasonably.

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