CL 3001 vacuum pump

CL 3001 vacuum pump is very popular due to its wide range of models and characteristics.

CL 3001 vacuum pump combines advanced technology of imported products. The tapered hole design is more suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as dehydration in paper industry and vacuum filtration in mineral processing. CL series vacuum pumps can be used as vacuum pumps and compressors. The maximum discharge pressure is 2.5 bar abs.

Unlike most vacuum pumps, all our cast iron pumps use SS420 shafts. Furthermore, we can provide the same shape size for bolt replacement and provide the same performance as the original pump.

We are a professional supplier of  liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors. It can be exchanged with other liquid ring vacuum pumps. We provide the same size for bolt replacement and equivalent performance. We also provide spare parts for maintenance of the original pump.


The capacity of CL vacuum pump and compressor series ranges from 900 to 3000 m/ H. From CL-701 to CL-4003, there are 15 different types of CL models.

CL 3001 vacuum pump is widely used, including: high-pressure sterilizer, carburetor test, chuck, condenser exhaust, container filling, cooking, drying, visceral exhaust, exhaust, extruder exhaust, fiber shaping, filtration, shaping, gas lift, shaping, picking and conveying, filling, tank extraction and solvent recovery.

We have designed and manufactured a series of industry-leading vacuum pumps for a variety of applications in many industries. According to your application and specific requirements, we can choose the right working principle for you without prejudice or restriction. We offer a variety of vacuum technologies, including rotary vane vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps, which cover the flow rate and vacuum degree of most major industrial vacuum applications worldwide.

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