Liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum dewatering in paper pulping

Everyone knows that the liquid ring vacuum pump is often used in the paper industry. Today, we will understand the application of the liquid ring vacuum pump in the paper industry and the problems that arise. In the process of pulping and papermaking, vacuum dewatering is used in many processes, such as vacuum suction chamber of net part, volt roll, vacuum suction roll, vacuum pressing part and vacuum suction chamber of upper and lower wool cloth. Vacuum pumping capacity of liquid ring vacuum pump is a common method of vacuum dewatering of pulping and papermaking.

There are three indicators to judge whether the selection of liquid ring vacuum pump in a pulp and paper vacuum system is reasonable: pumping capacity, working point shaft power and matching power of motor. When selecting liquid-ring vacuum pump, on the premise that the pumping power meets the technological requirements of the production line, the working point shaft power of the water-ring vacuum pump should be reduced as much as possible, because the smaller the shaft power consumed by the liquid-ring vacuum pump, the lower the cost of pulping and papermaking. The matching power of motor is smaller, the total installed capacity is smaller, and the cost of electrical configuration can also be reduced.

For a paper-making production line with fixed annual output, the required air extraction capacity is certain. In order to reduce energy consumption, save energy, and reduce the production cost of paper-making, the correctness of water ring vacuum pump selection is very important.

To illustrate this problem, we first understand the working characteristics of liquid ring vacuum pump. The liquid ring vacuum pump is a volumetric pump. When the type of the liquid ring vacuum pump is determined, its volume is also determined. For the liquid ring vacuum pump, there are two main factors affecting its pumping capacity: the volume of the pump and the speed of the pump operation.

Liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum dewatering in paper pulping

Causes of Scaling of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in Paper Industry and Effective Solutions

With the development of acidic papermaking to neutral papermaking, the scaling of liquid ring vacuum pump is a problem that every papermaking enterprise often encounters. No matter in the South or in the north, many manufacturers have encountered this problem in many years’papermaking practice and are determined to solve it. After long-term hard exploration, a set of solutions including liquid ring vacuum pump to control the scaling of pulping and papermaking have been put forward, which has won wide popularity. Customer welcome.

The fouling of liquid ring vacuum pump is generated by long-term use. With the generation of fouling, its influence on paper machine is gradually showing. Therefore, we should not take it lightly and persevere. At the beginning, we should control and prevent fouling well, which will produce long-term benefits.

1. Scaling reason of liquid ring vacuum pump: water quality influence. High pH value, high hardness; increased sealing degree of white water, high insoluble content, accumulation of scaling ions; large use of fillers; rising water temperature, cooling system is not well used; water circulation system does not regularly clean up and maintain, and other reasons will aggravate the possibility of scaling of paper-making liquid ring vacuum pump;

2. The adverse effects of scaling of liquid ring vacuum pump on papermaking were found on the spot: serious reduction of vacuum degree and pumping capacity; increase of motor current, resulting in increased power consumption; sticking axle, difficult start-up; frequent pickling or manual disassembly, which not only damaged equipment, but also destroyed equipment accuracy, resulting in the formation of vacuum or vacuum reduction of liquid ring vacuum pump.

3. Effective measures to solve the scaling problem of liquid ring vacuum pump: using scaling precipitation control agent can not only solve the scaling problem, but also save water and electricity, save energy and increase efficiency. The use of Jundeli scale and precipitation control agent can use paper-making circulating white water, while preventing the increase of motor current; do a good job of cooling treatment of circulating water, as far as possible to reduce the temperature, while strengthening the use of closed water, reducing the loss of liquid medicine; control the liquid level of separator to ensure that the liquid ring vacuum pump can maximize the extraction of gas, rather than a large amount of water, so as to reduce the load and pump body. Temperature; Strictly prohibit the use of strong pickling liquid ring vacuum pump, which will not only damage the equipment, but also seriously accelerate the speed of scaling, which is an irresponsible way.

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