Standard chemical centrifugal pump

Standard chemical centrifugal pump is a chemical pump with standardized size and hydraulic output. The standard chemical centrifugal pump can be replaced by the equivalent pump of any brand. The rear pull design can remove the bearing, including the shaft seal and impeller, without dismantling the connection between the pipe and the pump housing.

If a flexible gasket type coupling is installed, there is no need to move the motor during this process, which means there is no need to realign the pump set after reassembly.

The main standard chemical centrifugal pumps used in the chemical and petrochemical industry meet the requirements of EN 22858 / ISO 2858 / ISO 5199 or ASME B 73.1 of the United States.

In addition to the standards en 22858 and ISO 2858, which mainly specify the size of pumps, chemical pumps usually also need to meet the specifications specified in ISO 5199, VDMA 24297 and en 809. These standards specify, for example, the maximum allowable flow. Vibration, shaft deflection, noise level, safety requirements, piping forces and moments to be absorbed, and specify installation without foundation. The base plate requirements for horizontal pumps with drives are specified in standard ISO 3661.

The standard chemical centrifugal pump is specially designed for corrosive medium with high flow rate. A wide range of gaskets and materials, as well as the use of proven components, ensure that our products are cost-effective and of high quality.

The standard chemical centrifugal pump series is closely coupled. The pump is mounted directly to the motor flange via a plastic bracket. This compact execution is ideal for stationary centrifugal pumps or machines.

Chemical Centrifugal pump

Advantages of standard chemical centrifugal pump compared with conventional pump:

1. Suitable for all applications where metal pumps are subject to corrosion.

2. Normalized connection, interchangeable with metal pump.

3. It is made of solid plastic block.

4. No metal parts in the liquid – very corrosion resistant.

5. No injection or welding required – no chemical cracks!

6. Highest chemical resistance.

7. Tight (KR) and long (TK) coupling configuration.

8. Horizontal or vertical installation.

9. Special configuration of grinding fluid.

10. Unique new hydraulic pressure for plastic pump

11. Flow (q) up to 500 m3 / h

12. Flow (H) up to 90 m

The standard covers horizontal, end suction single stage, centerline discharge design centrifugal pumps. This standard includes dimensional interchangeability requirements and certain design features to facilitate installation and maintenance. The purpose of this standard is that pumps of the same standard size designation from all sources of supply shall be interchangeable in terms of mounting dimensions, suction and discharge nozzles, input shaft, base plate and foundation bolt hole sizes and locations.

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