Screw vacuum pump production process

There are many types of screw vacuum pump, due to different applications, the use of the drive mode is different. The following is the different screw pump and the corresponding driving mode, collected and summarized by EVP.

By the elastic coupling coupled with frequency conversion motor drive mode
It is connected by an elastic coupling and driven by a fixed reducer motor
It is connected by an elastic coupling and driven by a stepless variable speed motor
Backpack motor drive mode.

Screw pump production process  of introduction

As a kind of oil field production and transportation technology, hao kai DE screw pump is an effective method of production and transportation, which is widely used in oil production, and is widely used in oil field surface oil and gas gathering and transportation system. All of this depends on its superior adaptability to the physical properties of the transport medium, especially for the transport of gas-liquid mixture, which can well solve the cavitation corrosion, gas lock, sand stuck problems faced by ordinary positive displacement pump and achieve high efficiency.

Screw pump production device structure and working principle

Good kaide screw pump production device is composed of underground screw pump and ground drive device. By using the reinforced sucker rod as the shaft, the power of the wellhead drive device is transmitted to the downhole through the rotating motion of the sucker rod, so as to drive the rotor of the screw pump. Screw vacuum pump structure: reed of downhole screw pump is composed of a single head of a double stator and rotor, in form between the two closed cavity, as the rotor turns in the stator, the cavity along the axial direction from the suction end to the discharge end, seal chamber at the discharge end disappear, and in the suction side to form a new seal cavity, which also with exercise by the liquid to be inhaled forced suction side to the discharge end. Eventually these enclosed Chambers rotate with the rotor, moving from the pump inlet to the outlet, and pushing the liquid from the inlet to the outlet, into the pipeline, and up to the ground.

Screw vacuum pump production process

Overall sales ability, according to the screw vacuum pump in order to continuously promote the practical effective play to the performance of its products, with the development of reliable product quality and product use, increase the power of push the performance of the whole, in the growing ability to reflect on the premise of quality advantage, more will further increase with the performance of the play, enhance its products using the compaction force, whole, with reliable performance and practical effect, reflect the value of its inherent advantages, which fully reflects the superiority of products with reliable strength.

To maximize the vacuum pump in the process of technology innovation, but also to the quality of the concrete strength constantly expand the various aspects ability of the use, driven to a comprehensive and practical performance, which fully reflects the overall development of the product advantage, make equipment in use process to show the inner product superiority, comprehensively promoting the quality of the application ability, increasing its practical effect is the embodiment of all aspects, which with the advantages of reliable power and push on the operation of the overall performance.

In order to reflect the characteristics of dry screw vacuum pump, the company has also continuously enhanced the reliable quality assurance of products with the advantage of practical application ability, and promoted the overall development of products with practical production technology experience.

Dry screw vacuum pump principle:

In dry screw vacuum pump compression is achieved by internal volume contraction. Dry screw vacuum pump consists of two counter rotating screws, one with left hand thread and the other with right hand thread. The two screws rotate synchronously in the compression chamber with frictionless, contactless and very narrow gaps, which are achieved by a precise gear. Since the space between the two screws and the suction port is enlarged, the air flows into the chamber when rotating in reverse. The axial movement of the screw from the suction side to the pressure side compresses the air in the chamber and brings more and more gas. On the pressure side the more and more gas moves against the shell wall and the volume contracts until it opens, the gas is compressed and then discharged through the outlet pressure channel. In this process, cooling is done through a water-cooled outer chamber. Dual cooling systems for water and air are available on some types of azyrader pumps.

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