vacuum pump

The application of vacuum pumps

Depending on the performance and characteristics of the vacuum pump, the type of used industry (application) for each vacuum pump is different:

2SK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2SK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

1.liquid ring vacuum pump: Mainly used in vacuum concentration, vacuum dehydration, vacuum decolorization, vacuum drying, vacuum preservation, vacuum storage, vacuum conveying, vacuum forming and other processes.

Oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump

SV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

2.Mechanical vacuum pump:including rotary vane pump, slide vacuum pump(piston vacuum pump) etc. Suitable for vacuum distillation, vacuum drying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum sintering, vacuum brazing, vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment and other applications. The mechanical vacuum pump can also be used as a backing pump, and has a wide range of applications.ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump

ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump

3.Roots vacuum pump (mechanical booster pump):Suitable for vacuum drying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum sintering, vacuum brazing, vacuum coating, vacuum conveying, vacuum smelting, vacuum distillation and other processes. Most Roots pumps cant directly exhaust to atm and require a piston vacuum pump or oil sealed vacuum pump to be used as a backing pump.

KT Series Oil Diffusion Pump

KT Series Oil Diffusion Pump

4. Oil diffusion pump: Suitable for vacuum heat treatment, vacuum impregnation, vacuum sintering, vacuum brazing, vacuum coating, vacuum smelting, vacuum purification, electronic vacuum devices, vacuum analysis instruments, vacuum leaking instruments and other processes. Mainly used in applications that require high vacuum.

Screw Vacuum Pump

LG Series Screw Vacuum Pump

5. Dry pumps, including claw pumps:scroll pumps and screw pumps. Suitable for vacuum process without oil, such as semiconductor industry, electronics industry, chemical industry, research and laboratory.

molecular pump

FB Hybrid Molecular Pump Turbo Molecular Pump

6. Molecular pump:Used in vacuum coating, integrated circuits, surface physics, surface chemistry, plasma physics, optical instruments, thermonuclear reactions and aerospace technology. It includes compound molecular pump, turbo molecular pump and magnetic

Water injection vacuum pump

Steam Ejector System

7. Steam-jet pump:Suitable for vacuum degassing, vacuum evaporation, vacuum drying and vacuum backtracking.

Other pump, for example oil booster pumps, adsorption pumps, sputter ion pumps, sublimation pumps, cryopumps, etc, used also widely in vacuum process.

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