Mexico Roots Vacuum Pump

Mexico Roots Vacuum Pump is a rotary volume vacuum pump. Its structure is evolved from Roots blower. It has two symmetrical rotors in the pump chamber, and most of them are trilobal in the market at present. It is used as a mechanical booster pump for vacuum smelting system with large pumping speed in the pressure range of 10-1000pa.

According to the different working pressure range of Mexican Roots vacuum pump, it can be divided into low vacuum Roots pump, medium vacuum Roots pump and high vacuum multistage Roots pump. The most dosage is medium vacuum Roots pump.

Roots vacuum pump is widely used in vacuum smelting, vacuum welding, vacuum casting, vacuum spraying, vacuum drying, vacuum power experiment, chemical pharmaceuticals, electro-vacuum device manufacturing and other vacuum treatment within the vacuum range that can be achieved by Roots vacuum pump.

The greatest advantage of Roots vacuum pump is that it has a higher pumping rate at a lower inlet pressure and can reach a relatively high limit vacuum.

Mexico Roots Vacuum Pump has been so widely used, for its operation methods we should be more familiar with, let’s look at its correct operation.


I. Preparations

1. Operators must be familiar with the product instructions.

2. Before using the product, make sure that there are no factors causing product failure due to long-term placement.

3. If abnormal sound and vibration are found in the work, stop and check.

4. Electrical equipment housing must be grounded or zeroed.

II. Preparations before start-up

1. Open the cooling water inlet valve to ensure smooth cooling water without leakage.

2. The lubricating oil level in gearbox and bearing box is within the required range.

3. When used under the following conditions, corresponding measures must be taken:

A. When dust or particles are present in the inhaled gas, dust collectors or filters should be installed before the suction port.

B. If the inhaled gas is corrosive, the vacuum pump must take anti-corrosion measures.

C. Inhalation gas contains water vapor, and the prefix pump is oil-sealed mechanical pump, the former stage pump should be equipped with gas ballast device, when excessive water vapor, the condenser must be installed.

III. Start-up Procedure

1. Start up the front pump

2. Open the valve on the pre-pumping bypass pipe of the front pump and the valve on the intake pipe of Roots pump.

3. When the pressure in the system reaches the allowable inlet pressure of Roots vacuum pump, close the valve on the bypass pipeline and start Roots vacuum pump.

IV. Points for Attention in Operation

1. In operation, the technical operation rules of Roots vacuum pump must be strictly followed. Under normal conditions, the inlet pressure of Roots vacuum pump is less than 10,000 Pa, and its maximum inlet pressure should not exceed its allowable maximum inlet pressure.

2. Always pay attention to the motor load and the temperature rise of each part of the pump. Under normal conditions, the maximum temperature rise of the pump is not allowed to exceed 40 C, and the maximum temperature is not allowed to exceed 80 C.

3. There should be no abnormal vibration in operation.

4. If the motor is overloaded, the temperature rises too high, the sound is abnormal, and the vibration is too large, the cause should be checked immediately, and the fault should be eliminated in time.

V. Shutdown Procedure

1. Close the valve town of the oil-sealed mechanical pump in the front stage.

2. Close the intake valve of Roots vacuum pump.

3. Stop Roots vacuum pump first, then stop the front pump.

4. Close the front-stage pump, should immediately give the front-stage pump air defense.

5. Pump temperature is reduced to 40 degree C and cooling water intake valve is closed.

6. When the pump is shut down for a long time or the ambient temperature is below 0 C, the cooling water in the pump must be exhausted, the pump chamber should be filled with dry gas, and the intake and exhaust ports should be sealed.

With technological innovation, the type of Roots Vacuum Pump in Mexico is more specific, and it can be more perfect to meet your work needs.

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