Steam jet vacuum pumps in grease industry

1. Selection and development history of vacuum equipment in oil refining workshop:

Oil dehydration in the manufacturing process of oils and fats industry, evaporation, drying, filtration, hydrogenation, desolventizing, decoloring, deodorization process all need to use vacuum equipment to complete, deodorization oil production began in the mid – in our country, the people at that time the main consumption of primary oil, due to product quality is not high, the mechanical vacuum pump and vacuum equipment mostly W atmospheric leg before condenser and homemade small water injection series vacuum pump, vapor jet pump.

Steam jet vacuum pumps in grease industry

In recent years along with the reform and opening up, people’s living standard is increasing day by day, from edible oil primary and secondary oil to eat senior cooking oil and salad oil, the oil quality requirement enhances unceasingly, deodorization has become indispensable in the process of oil refining is an important working procedure, in all the factors which influence the effect of deodorization, vacuum is one of the main factors, imported from abroad began in the oil refining device adopted multi-stage steam jet vacuum pump. The working medium of the steam jet pump is saturated steam or superheated steam from the boiler. The steam pressure must meet the requirement and be stable. A cooling water circulation system for the water cooled by the air tower is required because the working steam of the steam jet pump is pumped out of the deodorizer. The consumption of multi-stage steam injection pump accounts for more than 80% of the refining plant. Domestic steam injection pump has a high energy consumption. In recent years, foreign multi-stage steam injection pump (most of them are German Kerten-Hanover Company) has been introduced into the large-scale and well-funded oil plant.

Although the energy consumption of multistage steam jet vacuum pump abroad is lower than that in China, the working conditions are harsh, the working steam pressure must be greater than 1.0mpa, the cooling water temperature is very low, and the price is expensive. With the development of oil industry towards industrialization and scale, the transformation and expansion of small and medium-sized oil plant is beyond our reach. In view of the high energy consumption of the steam jet pump, steam and cooling water takes a lot of work, configure a set of cooling water system, and need to be installed in more than 11 meters high platform, increased infrastructure investment and installation costs, time-consuming, laborious and costly, study can satisfy the requirement of oil industry process, low energy consumption of the vacuum pump has been our research topic.

2. Research and development of a new high-efficiency and energy-saving steam jet vacuum pump:

The application of steam jet vacuum pump in various industries in China has a history of more than 50 years, because of its unique advantages: in particular, it can suck some high-temperature steam containing dust and a large amount of water vapor, it is irreplaceable for other vacuum pump. Steam jet vacuum pump is characterized by stable and reliable operation, no operating parts, small overhaul, long service life and fast pumping speed. It is applied in metallurgy, freeze-drying, thermal power, petroleum, chemical, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, sugar, salt, papermaking, food, grease and other industries and fields. But the steam jet vacuum pump must be powered by a large amount of working steam. The steam jet vacuum pump manufacturer must have a steam boiler or buy steam, build a new plant or old plant transformation, must increase the boiler tonnage. Steam jet vacuum pumps are known as “steam tigers”. Since a large amount of working steam and pumped water vapor requires a large amount of cooling water to condense, in order to save water, a cooling water circulation system cooled by the cooling water tower is needed. Increased energy consumption and investment are needed. In addition, the multi-stage steam jet vacuum pump must be installed at a height of more than 11 meters, and the construction of elevated platforms or buildings higher than 11 meters also needs to increase infrastructure investment. Aiming at the three major elements of steam jet vacuum pump (large steam consumption, large amount of cooling water, and high installation), we have been developing a multi-stage steam jet vacuum pump with low energy consumption (small steam consumption), less cooling water consumption, and installed on the ground or at any height and position.

Steam jet vacuum pump is to rely on a certain pressure of saturated steam or superheated steam as the working medium, through the laval nozzle and venturi tube produce negative pressure (vacuum), equipped with combination according to user requirements the vacuum degree of high and low steam ejector quantity and number of condenser, general senior oil deodorization vacuum pa in 200 ~ 600 pa, the traditional steam jet vacuum pump needs to be level 4 can achieve the vacuum degree. Two steam ejectors are connected in series before the first condenser, and two steam ejectors and one (or two) condenser are needed after the first condenser to discharge atmosphere. It consists of four steam ejectors and two (or three) condensers. Advanced oil decolorization, drying, phospholipid evaporation concentration vacuum in 2.6KPa ~ 4KPa, also to use a three-stage steam jet vacuum pump. For more than ten years, we have been developing, improving, innovating and developing a new type of high efficiency and energy saving multistage steam jet vacuum pump. This innovation enables the steam jet vacuum pump to be installed on the ground or at any height, without the need for other pumps or ejectors, condensate water can be directly discharged into the pool, and a water jet pump (or soda jet vacuum pump in series) can be installed behind the condenser according to specific conditions. Series level before high-efficiency condenser steam ejector can reach level 4 of the steam jet vacuum pump performance parameters, high-efficiency condenser in series before the secondary steam ejector vacuum degree can reach 30 pa ~ 200 pa (can replace four or five steam jet vacuum pump), the former add 3 steam ejector, condenser vacuum degree can reach 1 pa ~ 10 pa. (The pure low level high efficiency three-stage steam jet vacuum pump developed by us in the vacuum magnesium industry replaces the five-stage steam jet pump, and has been well applied with working pressure up to 1Pa ~ 10Pa). Compared with the traditional multi-stage steam jet vacuum pump, the new steam jet vacuum pump can save more than 60% of working steam and 30% of cooling water, realizing the pure low installation, saving the capital investment and installation cost, and saving time! And effort! Provincial steam! Save money! It greatly reduces the operating cost and brings great economic benefits to users, thus improving the comprehensive efficiency of the jet vacuum pump.

3. Conclusion:

The birth and development of new high efficiency and energy saving steam jet vacuum pump has added a new force in vacuum equipment, which will bring great economic benefits to users. Another step forward for jet technology and equipment. It can not only reduce a large amount of steam and cooling water consumption, but also save more than 60% of working steam and 30% of cooling water compared with advanced multi-stage steam jet pump, reduce equipment operating costs, reduce enterprise costs, and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise is very considerable. Moreover, there are many incomparable advantages: it can realize the form of low complete machine, and can also be divided and installed on any height, which reduces the capital investment and installation cost, saving time, effort and money; Because of low steam consumption, low cooling water consumption and low outlet temperature, it is conducive to the configuration of cooling water circulation system. The tower can be evacuated directly with water injection pump without starting pump; For small and medium-sized enterprises do not go to the cooling tower; Low maintenance cost, long service life, stable performance, small floor space, small air space, compact structure, simple installation and other advantages. It can replace the multistage steam jet vacuum pump, and can also open up some new applications. It is a combination of special purpose pumps with high vacuum and high pumping capacity, which improves the overall efficiency of the whole unit. Thus expanding the application field and scope of jet pump, it will have a great future and vitality!

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