oil free vacuum pump in tobacco products

In recent years, with the development of modern tobacco agriculture, the improvement of barn and the development of coal alternative energy have become more and more important issues in tobacco production. Farmers hope to effectively improve the overall quality of tobacco and the proportion of middle and upper leaves, but to achieve this goal, baking processing equipment and technological conditions are the key. The oil-free vacuum pump can produce high-quality tobacco for large-scale, efficient and continuous farmers, which is an important guarantee for farmers to improve their economic benefits.

Tobacco is a kind of thin film colloidal capillary porous material. In the process of tobacco production, the water to be removed belongs to free water and partially adsorbed water, and is relatively easy to remove. In view of the technical characteristics of tobacco production, the drying method suitable for large-scale continuous production should be selected, and the moisture and humidity of tobacco in the production process can be controlled automatically.

The drying and dehydration properties of tobacco are mainly affected by moisture and temperature during processing, processing, transportation, packaging and storage. Now it is mainly detected by dynamic vapor adsorption. Tobacco was placed in a precisely controlled humidity temperature environment to detect water adsorption and desorption, as well as adsorption isotherms and kinetics of tobacco, diffusion and permeability, stability and storage life, and formulation performance.

The application of oil-free vacuum pump in tobacco products must grasp the following points

1. The main yellowing temperature of tobacco leaves should be controlled at 35-38 ° C, and the temperature difference between dry bulb and wet bulb should be kept at 2-3 ° C, so that the tobacco leaves can reach 7-8 yellow and the leaves are very soft.

2. The yellowing temperature should be controlled below 40-42 ° C and the wet bulb temperature should be kept at 35-37 ° C to realize the basic yellowing, complete wilting and softening of main vein, so as to ensure the transformation of tobacco leaves and form more aroma matrix. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the time at 41-42 ° C to make the tobacco leaf reach yellow stripe and blue stripe, and the leaf withers and collapses completely, and the main vein is soft.

3. According to the quality of tobacco leaves, the color fixing stage should be heated at an appropriate speed, and the appropriate humidity should be mastered to ensure that the tobacco leaves completely turn yellow and fix smoothly; the dry bulb temperature is 46-48 ° C, and the wet bulb temperature is 37-38 ° C. when the tobacco leaves, the stem turns yellow and reaches the small scroll of yellow gluten.

4. Keeping the wet bulb temperature at 38-39 ° C and the dry bulb temperature at about 54 ° C and pulling for a long time to reach the large roll of tobacco leaves will promote the formation of more aromatic substances.

5. The maximum temperature of tobacco drying ribs should be controlled at 65-68 ° C and the wet bulb temperature should be controlled at 40-43 ° C to increase the color and color of tobacco leaves and reduce the loss of aroma of tobacco leaves.

The application of oil-free vacuum pump in tobacco products not only saves energy and avoids environmental pollution, but also applies to the requirements of tobacco curing and drying process, which is conducive to improving the color and yield of tobacco leaves, improving the quality of products, enhancing the competitiveness of products, and improving the market competitiveness and income of tobacco farmers. At the same time, the oil-free vacuum pump not only fully meets the requirements of tobacco market for baking equipment, but also meets the requirements of food drying, Chinese herbal medicine drying, rubber drying, process drying, electroplating parts drying and other fields.

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