water ring vacuum pump causes of automatic trip

In the process of using water ring vacuum pump, we often have the problem of automatic tripping of the equipment, which makes the equipment unable to operate normally, and also affects the work progress of the user, which often causes the user a headache. To solve this problem, first we need to find out what causes the trip, and then analyze and make the solution we want to use. Next, let’s find out the reason why the water ring vacuum pump often trips!

water ring vacuum pump motor overload:

When the motor of water ring vacuum pump is overloaded, because the current passing through the motor is too high, and exceeds the current set by the electric control box or relay protector of water ring vacuum pump, the equipment will trip automatically for protection. At this time, the tripping phenomenon is normal. But we need to consider the rated current of the motor. It is necessary to find out the cause of motor overload in order to solve the problem of motor overload.

The basic inspection items are as follows:

1. Whether there are foreign matters in the cavity of water ring vacuum pump;

2. Whether the working fluid flow of water ring vacuum pump is too large and whether it needs to be adjusted;

3. Whether the exhaust port of water ring vacuum pump has excessive pressure;

4. Check whether the exhaust pipe of water ring vacuum pump is blocked;

5. Whether the exhaust pipe of water ring vacuum pump is installed too high or too thin


Is the water ring vacuum pump out of service for a long time:

When the water ring vacuum pump is stopped for a long time, the motor load will cause the temporary high current.

After the water ring vacuum pump has been out of service for a long time, it should try to rotate the shaft and impeller before starting up to see if it can rotate normally, and at the same time, check if there is any foreign matter transferred into the pump cavity. At the same time, rust remover can be added, or 15% oxalic acid can be soaked for about half an hour to remove scale.

The motor of water ring vacuum pump is connected to two-phase power supply, and three-phase power supply is not enabled:

At this time, the three-phase power supply of water ring vacuum pump can be connected. Before starting the machine, the specification and model of water ring vacuum pump, the rated power, voltage and current of the motor shall be checked carefully. The installation and operation instructions must be strictly followed for correct operation.

After we know the reason of water ring vacuum pump trip automatically, we have to make some effective solutions. It should be noted that before using the equipment, we should take a series of preventive measures, try to strangle the problem at the source, and also take some emergency measures. Even if there is a problem, we can reduce the probability of failure of the equipment. Of course, to greatly reduce the incidence of problems, we still need to rely on the usual careful maintenance and regular maintenance work.

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