Silent environmental vacuum pump

Vacuum pump refers to the equipment or equipment that uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemical methods to extract air from the container to obtain vacuum. In brief, vacuum pump is a kind of equipment that improves, produces and insists on vacuum in a certain closed space by various means. Common vacuum pumps include dry screw vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump and molecular pump, etc.

These vacuum pumps are essential main pumps in the process of using vacuum technology in various professions of national economy. In recent years, with the continuous high-speed development of China’s economy, the vacuum pump related low-class use occupation adhere to the rapid growth momentum, together with the continuous expansion of the vacuum pump application field and other factors, China’s vacuum pump occupation has completed a steady and rapid development.


At present, the existing vacuum pump has a single function, which is not environment-friendly and noisy. It only has a single function of air extraction, which is not convenient for lighting and blowing smoke. Therefore, we propose a new type of silent environmental protection multi-function vacuum pump to deal with the above problems. A new type of silent environmental protection multi-function vacuum pump, including the pump body, the upper end of the pump body is equipped with a bearing platform 。

The upper end of the bearing platform is provided with conditioning tissue, the upper end of the conditioning tissue is fixed with two support plates, the opposite sides of the two support plates are provided with rotating shafts, the two rotating shafts are rolling connected with lighting lamps, the bearing platform is penetrated with an air inlet pipe, the pump body is provided with a filter chamber, the bottom of the filter chamber is provided with a filter box, and one end of the air inlet pipe is connected with a filter chamber One side of the filter box.

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