Corrosion resistant liquid ring vacuum pump

The liquid ring device is composed of a cylindrical impeller and a blade. The impeller is the key component to produce the void. The device works with liquid sealant. Fluid sealants can vary depending on their application. The impeller allows the fluid to form a ring covering the structure. The space left by the fluid is used as a fastener. These rings are formed by using the mechanism of impeller blades to compress gas. Compressed gaseous molecules are enclosed in the compression chamber, thus allowing for sealing.

Corrosion resistance and its advantages

The fluid ring process can be treated by adding water as a sealant. However, if other liquids are found to be compatible with the material type, other liquids can also be used. It is considered to be an advanced technology that can be used with any type of liquid. As a result, these pumps are considered to be qualified or suitable for solvent repair, as either liquid or solvent can be used to create a vacuum. The equipment designer believes that the liquid ring equipment supports all kinds of fluids, including water, and will not react with the chamber surface during the sealing process; therefore, reliable manufacturers will use corrosion-resistant technology when manufacturing the liquid ring equipment. The principle of corrosion resistance is considered to be an important aspect of long-term application.


It is an important factor to choose the material of corrosion-resistant liquid ring pump correctly to ensure its safe operation and prolong its service life. Today, let’s learn about the material selection of corrosion-resistant liquid ring vacuum pump:

1. The mechanical properties of the material shall meet the requirements of the corrosion-resistant pump. There are many indexes reflecting the mechanical properties of the material. For the material used in the pump, the strength, steel, hardness, plasticity, impact toughness and fatigue resistance of the material are mainly considered.

2. The processing performance of the material is directly related to the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the corrosion-resistant pump. Most of the impeller, shell, balance plate and other parts of the corrosion-resistant pump are cast from metal materials, and then machined. Some parts need heat treatment.

3. The quality of material processing performance also directly affects the use of corrosion-resistant pump and the cost of pump.

4. The performance of the corrosion-resistant liquid ring pump is an important problem that cannot be ignored in the material selection of the pump. For the petrochemical industry, the corrosion-resistant liquid ring pump is particularly important.

The application in the chemical industry of the water ring pump in recent years makes us accumulate a wealth of experience in special material application which includes application of stainless steel contacting the liquid, plating special components with nickel, macromolecule spray coating and successful application of the pure titanium material. When the cycle medium contains strong acid and strong alkali, and is inflammable ,explosive, poisonous and harmful, our products can be sure to work more smoothly, run more reliably and have longer life.

It is necessary to compare the durability and operation cost when purchasing the corrosion-resistant liquid ring vacuum pump. The inner lining of the cylindrical cavity of the equipment shall be checked for the presence of a corrosion-resistant coating, as the fluid that may flow in shall not react with the working material. However, if the whole machine structure is made of high-quality materials, the corrosion-resistant liquid ring vacuum pump is an economic choice.

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