Vacuum pump in industrial waste gas treatment

What are the applications of vacuum pump in industrial waste gas treatment? Industrial waste gas refers to all kinds of pollutant gases discharged into the air in the process of fuel combustion and production process in the plant area of the enterprise. These exhaust gases will pollute the air when they are discharged into the atmosphere. These substances enter human body through different ways of respiratory tract, some of them directly produce harm, some of them have accumulation effect, which will be more serious harm to human health. Different substances have different effects. Therefore, the three wastes treatment is an important link in industrial production. Vacuum pump is often used in wastewater and flue gas desulfurization treatment. Today we want to know about the content of waste gas treatment and vacuum pump, that is, the application of vacuum technology in waste gas treatment.

Industrial waste gas includes particulate waste gas and gaseous waste gas, including various sulfides, fluorides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, soot and so on. These substances have different hazards to animals and plants as well as human body, and affect the climate and environment at the same time, so it is necessary to deal with industrial waste gas.


There are three typical aspects of industrial waste gas treatment by vacuum pump:

The first is air purification, which mainly includes centralized vacuum cleaning system and vacuum suction method to detect pollution technology. It is not like the common sense of waste gas treatment, the former is mainly used to create a clean production environment, to ensure high-quality product production and the health of producers. The latter is to collect surface pollutants by vacuum pump to analyze and measure the content of its components, which is convenient for targeted treatment.

The second is flue gas desulfurization, which is a very typical application of industrial waste gas treatment. Vacuum technology mainly includes vacuum filtration and vacuum crystallization in the process. In electric power, pulp and other industries, there is a large amount of sulfur dioxide in the waste gas, which needs to be treated by absorption, adsorption, catalytic conversion and other methods. Limestone method, metal oxide method and other absorption methods are commonly used in flue gas desulfurization. After the sulfur dioxide in the exhaust gas is absorbed by the absorbent, the next thing to do is to filter it through vacuum technology to separate the solid and liquid of the absorption slurry, and then conduct vacuum concentration, crystallization and drying to release the sulfur dioxide recovery absorbent.

The third is the treatment of acid gas mixture. Chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises that can use chlorination, sulfonation, nitrification and other processes will discharge various mixed acid tail gas in production. The mixed acid gas can be absorbed by packed absorption tower, graphite falling film absorber, etc., but it occupies a large area, has a large investment and is difficult to recover. In the case of vacuum process, jet pump and dilute alkali solution are used as the medium to form negative pressure, and the acid mixed gas absorbed by water absorber is inhaled. The mixed gas fully contacts, absorbs and reacts with the solution, so as to be recovered and removed. Compared with other processes, this method has more advantages in energy consumption and investment.

It is very important to ensure the reliable operation of industrial waste gas treatment by vacuum pump. The device has stable and reliable operation, simple operation, low operation cost and high neutralization efficiency. In addition to efficient and reliable absorption equipment, the application of vacuum pump in industrial waste gas treatment should consider many factors such as systematization, resource utilization and economy. In the specific implementation process, the following aspects can be considered: convenience and cost of raw material sources, one-time investment of supporting equipment, site application, maturity of technology and reliability of the system, operation and maintenance costs, and treatment of neutralization products.

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