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At present, the main vacuum pumps used for seawater desalination are water jet vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump. The working principle of the water jet vacuum pump is to use the high-speed water flow generated by the pressure difference to extract the gas. It has the characteristics of simple structure and can suck water vapor and other condensing gas, but its efficiency is low and power consumption is large. Water ring vacuum pump is depend on the pump shell eccentric impeller rotation, threw the water in the pump shell formation and the pump shell with ring, wonderful water ring and rotor blade formed periodically to gas suction volume change, water ring vacuum pump manufacturers, the compression side by side, water ring vacuum pump, its advantage is high vacuum pumping gas velocity is larger, can suction vapor non-condensable gas, and water jet vacuum pump compared with its low power consumption, high efficiency, water ring vacuum pump prices, compact structure and at the same time the vacuum enough to meet the requirements of seawater desalination, thus water ring vacuum pump is more suitable for negative pressure water desalination system.

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Water ring vacuum pump used in solar desalination system, and puts forward a new kind of solar desalination device, through the water ring pump performance test and research, the system between the vacuum degree and pumping speed change rule, for seawater desalination system matching with the performance of the vacuum pump and the determination of optimum operation parameters laid a theoretical foundation.

New Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Sale

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Vacuum degree and measuring unit

As there is a difference between the standard atmospheric pressure defined in 1927 and 1954, 1mmHg is 1.9 10-4dyn/cm2 larger than 1Torr, i.e

1 MMHG = 1 torr + 1.9 x 10-4 dyn/cm2

However, because the difference between the two is very small, it is generally considered

1 MMHG material 1 torr

7 inch gong column (inHg) : inch unit of pressure; it is the force of a 1-inch high water cylinder on an area of 1cm2, i.e

1 inhg = 25.4 mmHg

8) Psi: the British system of pressure, which is the force of one pound on one square inch

1 psi = 1 lb/in2

9) percent of vacuum (%) : the pressure is denoted by the percent of vacuum, which is used only when the pressure is higher than 100Pa. The percentage of vacuum is

The delta % = [(1 x 105 – p)/(105)] x 100%

Where, p — the pressure value in Pa.

Given the percentage of the vacuum degree, the gas pressure p can be obtained by the following equation

P = 1 x (1-105 g / 100)

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The working principle of water ring vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pump is the most common type of liquid ring vacuum pump. Liquid ring vacuum pump is equipped with multi – blade rotor eccentric pump housing. When it rotates, the water ring vacuum pump model throws the liquid into the pump shell and forms a liquid ring concentric with the pump shell. The liquid ring and the rotor blade constitute a rotary variable volume vacuum pump with periodic changes in volume. When the working liquid for water, said water ring pump.

Water ring pump is mainly used in the process of rough vacuum and large amount of air. It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, medicine and food industry, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum feeding, vacuum concentration, vacuum degassing and so on.

The ultimate pressure of the single-stage water ring pump can reach 8 ~ 2 103Pa, and the ultimate pressure of the double-stage water ring pump can reach 1 102Pa, and the exhaust volume is 0.25 ~ 500m3/h.

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