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With the development of vacuum acquisition technology, the application of vacuum is expanding to all aspects of industry and scientific research. Vacuum applications refer to the use of the physical environment of rarefied gases to accomplish certain specific tasks. Some use this environment to make products or equipment, such as light bulbs, tubes and accelerators. These products are always kept in vacuum during use, while others only regard vacuum as a step in production. Finally, the products are used in atmospheric environment, such as vacuum coating, vacuum drying and vacuum impregnation.

Vacuum has a wide range of applications, mainly including low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum applications. Low vacuum is the use of pressure difference obtained from low (coarse) vacuum to clamp, lift and transport materials, as well as dust collection and filtration, such as vacuum cleaners, vacuum suckers.

There are many types of vacuum pumps, and the working conditions and application fields are complex. Therefore, there are many factors involved in the selection of vacuum pumps. The supplier of vacuum pump in Thailand will talk with you about the six basic points needing attention.


1. In the selection of vacuum pumps, the determined products need to ensure the smooth extraction of various gases released during the process.

In the application process of vacuum pump, there are many kinds of gas media, such as flammable, explosive, condensable and converse. The applicability of the selected vacuum pump should be guaranteed. For example, the process will produce a large amount of water vapor, the vacuum pump must be suitable for pumping water vapor, oil seal mechanical pump is obviously not suitable.

2. The vacuum limit of the vacuum pump must be higher than the vacuum required by the production process, at least one order of magnitude higher, and the equipment is suitable for working within the required working vacuum range.

The ultimate vacuum degree of vacuum pump is the vacuum degree that can be achieved when the pumping speed is zero. Therefore, in order to ensure the pumping speed of the vacuum pump in the working vacuum, it is necessary to satisfy that its limit vacuum degree is greater than the working vacuum degree, and a larger pumping speed is needed in the interval.

3. The pumping speed of the vacuum pump is greater than the maximum exhaust volume in the process.

In order to ensure the vacuum degree, the selection of vacuum pump involves the continuous ventilation in the process, and the pumping speed of vacuum pump or vacuum system should be greater than the maximum ventilation in the process. If there is a cold trap or baffle in the system, the effective pumping speed after adding the trap or baffle should be greater than the maximum venting volume in the process. If there is a sudden large amount of exhaust in the process, the effective pumping speed of the system should be increased appropriately, usually to 2-3 times the maximum exhaust volume.

4. In the selection of vacuum pumps, the working media and manufacturing materials of the selected vacuum pumps must meet the technological requirements.

In the application of vacuum pump, especially in the fields of medicine and chemical industry, the extracting medium is often corrosive gas, which requires corresponding anti-corrosion measures for the equipment. For example, acid-base gas needs corresponding anti-corrosion coating; when gas with dust or particles, dust collector, filter or pump itself should be added before the inlet of the pump, and so on.

5. In the process of continuous production, the vacuum pump selected must meet the needs of continuous production. If necessary, set up a spare vacuum pump with automatic replacement to reduce the production interruption caused by accidents. If the discharge volume is smaller and smaller in the process, the maintenance pump can be set up to save energy and reduce consumption.

6. the economy of the use of vacuum pumps.

In the process of vacuum pump selection, when many kinds of vacuum pumps can meet the technological requirements at the same time, the economic analysis of cost and operation cost should be carried out. The vacuum pumps with good economy, reliable operation, small maintenance and convenient use and maintenance should be selected.

As a supplier of vacuum pump in Thailand, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer has many years of experience in sales, maintenance and repair of vacuum pump equipment. Careful service, latent research technology, focus on aerodynamics, leading industry innovation!

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