Best liquid ring compressor

The new liquid ring compressor is an extension product developed by SY compressor. 2SY series compressor is specially designed for harsh working conditions. Compared with other compressors in the same range, it can improve the efficiency by up to 7%.

Best liquid ring compressor

The best liquid-ring compressors operate up to 12.5 bar abs (160 psig) and are designed for petroleum & natural gas and chemical treatment applications requiring higher pressure and performance requirements, including torch gas recovery, steam recovery devices, corrosive gas treatment (such as vinyl chloride and chlorine) and H2S gas desulfurization.

Liquid ring compressor of advantages

• RPM: 740 — 900 RPM

• outlet pressure: 4.5-12.5 bar abs

• gas volume: 2700 — 4000 m3/h

• keep it running efficiently

• robust structural design for harsh conditions

• simple design to reduce maintenance and downtime

• multiple materials available: CS, LTCS, 316/CF3M, DUPLEX. 825 alloy titanium and many other materials can be used as required

• suitable for agent splashing, pure oil mist, cleaning oil mist, lubricating oil circulation, air-oil forced lubrication

• designed for high-intensity work requirements, robust construction and easy service design to minimize maintenance costs and reduce downtime for service and maintenance.

Liquid ring compressor of technical features

Different from other compressors, the liquid ring compressor USES the rotating liquid ring as the working medium. It is a variable-volume compressor, which transfers centrifugal force to the liquid through the blades of its impeller, making the liquid work like a piston, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying gas. It has the following advantages:
Gas and liquid can be mixed transport. It is the only liquid ring type compressor, which will not have any adverse effect on the normal operation of the compressor when some liquid is carried in the inhaled gas.
(2) gas import and export pipeline configuration is simple, easy to operate and manage.
(3) due to the full cooling of liquid, gas inlet and outlet temperature rise is small, exhaust temperature is very low, so do not need to add gas cooling system. The cylinder does not need lubrication, so it can be used as a special oil-free compressor.
The equipment structure is simple. The whole machine has only one rotating part, no contact between metal and metal, the whole equipment structure is quite simple, coupled with the rotating type, so the structure is compact, few parts, small installation space, easy maintenance.
(5) compression with rotating continuous extraction, outlet pressure and flow will not produce pulsation. However, due to the large energy loss of the disturbed liquid in the compressor blade, the efficiency is very low, and the total isothermal efficiency is only 0.30 ~0.45. Liquid ring compressor is often used in high temperature easy to decompose gas, flammable and explosive gas, no solid particles, insoluble or slightly soluble in the working liquid gas. When the flow parts of the compressor are made of corrosion resistant materials, they can also be used to press corrosive gases, such as chlorine and nitrite.

The role of liquid ring compressor

Liquid ring compressor or vacuum pump, general water as a sealing fluid, so often called water ring pump. Due to the full cooling effect of the liquid, the final temperature of the compressed gas is very low. Therefore, liquid ring compressor is suitable for compression in high temperature easy to decompose gas, such as acetylene, carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide, also suitable for compression high temperature easy to polymerization of some gases. Since the compression medium does not have direct contact with the cylinder, it is particularly suitable for the compression of highly corrosive gases, such as chlorine. At this point, you can choose a liquid and compressed gas does not have any effect as a sealing fluid. Such as the compression of chlorine gas with concentrated sulfuric acid as a sealing fluid. Liquid ring compressor cylinder does not need lubrication, can be used as a special purpose of lubrication compressor.
Liquid ring compressor is characterized by its simple structure, easy manufacture, easy operation, less vulnerable parts, less pulsating exhaust and noise. In addition, the liquid has sufficient cooling effect, compressed gas end temperature is very low, so liquid ring compressor is suitable for compression high temperature gas easy to decompose, such as acetylene, carbon sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.. Liquid ring compressors are especially suitable for the compression of highly corrosive gases (such as chlorine) because the compression medium does not directly contact the cylinder. In this case, a liquid that does not interact with the compressed gas may be used as the sealing fluid, such as concentrated sulfuric acid when chlorine gas is compressed.

2SY is a manufacturer of liquid ring compressors used in demanding applications in the chemical and oil & gas & petrochemical industries. The network of service center and field service technicians provides global service and technical support for liquid ring compressor products worldwide.

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