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Vacuum system in heavy steel industry of application

Industrial pump manufacturers in heavy steel industry, in order to further improve the product structure and steel quality, the introduction of vacuum equipment technology. It is found from the application status at home and abroad that the vacuum system is more restrained by steam. Meanwhile, in order to follow the concept of environmental protection and efficient recovery and utilization in heavy steel industry, the vacuum system is selected. When the ultimate pressure of the vacuum system reaches 67Pa, the larger pumping capacity reaches 800kg/h, and the pressure in the vacuum tank reaches 67Pa within 415min of the pumping time. Industry pump manufacturer applied to sintering and metallurgical effect can reach or exceed multi-stage steam jet vacuum pump system of the same technical index, the degassing rate was 63.5%, limit decarburization ability @ 10-10 6, in steel T [O] [30 @ 10 to 6. The vacuum system is one of the necessary machinery and equipment of refining equipment, its extraction ability size, extraction rate and other parameters directly affect the normal operation of the RH and metallurgical effects. Chongqing steel industry, vacuum pump design extraction capacity of 67 pa, bigger extraction capacity of 800 kg/h, with the domestic use vapor pump with tonnage RH are basically identical.

Industrial pump manufacturer

The following industrial pump manufacturers, small series for you to introduce the five steps of cleaning screw vacuum pump:
1, the first wash, in order to save the first use of recycled gasoline, then wash to use washing gasoline, and then clean with aviation gasoline, carefully check the damage, scratches.
2, with cotton cloth, silk cloth dipped in a small amount of acetone or carbon tetrachloride one by one to clean the surface of parts do not use cotton yarn, so as to avoid the fine wool into the screw vacuum pump body.
3, found rusted or burr parts, using oil stone or metallographic sandpaper gently grinding, to remove rust spots, burr, pay attention to the smooth parts.
4. Clean the through-hole, oil groove and gas channel of the oil path of the screw vacuum pump. Clean all the accumulated particle impurities, dust, dirt and oil residue. Then use compressed air to blow through the oil line to dry, so that the oil road slot hole does not accumulate cleaning with gasoline, solvent.
5, the parts after cleaning remember to dry (blow hair or dry with a silk cloth) and cover up, to prevent falling ash. If there are screw vacuum pump parts waiting for repair, processing, other parts can be properly coated with clean vacuum pump oil to prevent rust.

Screw vacuum pump can pump in addition to containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust gas occasions, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor for clean vacuum demanding enterprise in the field has a wide application of screw vacuum pump yes is can effectively extend the service life, if it is a reliable service life of vacuum pump factory is not long not only affects the efficiency of work, also can increase the part of the spending.
1. Reasonable speed. In the screw vacuum pump products, if the high speed screw pump fixed rotor length is very short, it is very easy to wear, thus shortening the service life of the pump products. Through the deceleration mechanism or stepless speed regulating mechanism to reduce the speed, so that the speed of three hundred turn per minute below the more reasonable range, compared with high-speed operation of screw pump, the service life can be extended several times.
2, keep the screw vacuum pump body clean, and ensure that debris does not enter the pump body. A lot of sewage plant added crusher before the pump, also some install grille device or filter, prevent sundry enter pump kind of product, because this is right, grille should be cleared in time so as not to cause jam.

Screw vacuum pump is the use of a pair of screw, made in the pump shell synchronous high-speed reverse rotation of the effects of the suction and exhaust and extraction equipment, vacuum pump factory in guangzhou it is the upgrading production of oil seal type vacuum pump, to pump in addition to containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust gas occasions, in the domestic pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor, etc to clean vacuum demanding enterprise in the field widely used. Screw vacuum pump USES: two screw fine dynamic balancing correction, and is supported by bearings, is installed in the pump shell, between screw and screw has a certain gap, so the pump is working, no friction between each other, smooth running, low noise, working cavity without lubricating oil, therefore, dry screw pump can pump in addition to containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust gas occasions, limiting vacuum is higher, lower power consumption, energy saving, maintenance free, etc. It is an updated product of oil-sealed vacuum pump.

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