ZJ-1P piezoresistive gauge

Zj-1p piezoresistive vacuum gauge

This type of regulator adopts high quality diffused silicon pressure sensor as pressure sensitive element and has various standard or non-standard tube body package structure. The diffused silicon chip inside the sensor is encapsulated by a stainless steel 316L diaphragm and cavity. Silicone oil less than 0.5cc is filled into the cavity as the conduction medium. The temperature compensation resistance loop on the special mixed ceramic substrate of the sensor provides the temperature compensation of 0~80℃, so that the temperature error of zero and full range is controlled within ±0.5%. Specially developed circuit boards ensure reliable regulatory performance and compact appearance.

ZJ-1P piezoresistive gauge

Main technical parameters

1. Measurement range: 50kPa ~ 50pa
100 kpa ~ 10 pa
150 kpa to 150 pa
200 kpa to 200 pa
2. Sensing element type: diffused silicon pressure sensor
3. Fragmentation: ±0.15% (non-linear + hysteresis + repeatability)
4. Operating temperature range: -40~+80℃
5. Long-term stability: ±0.3% full range/year
6. Sealing material of tube body: fluororubber
6. Allowable overpressure range: 2.0×105Pa
7. Vacuum connection form and baking temperature:
Φ 15.5 + / – 0.1 straight pipe
Kf10/16 quick discharge flange
KF25 quick release flange
KF40 quick discharge flange
M20 x 1.5 threads
NPT1/8 threads
VCR1/8 joints
Φ 6 + / – 0.1 straight pipe
Φ 6.35 + / – 0.05 straight pipe

Piezoresistive gauge is a kind of vacuum gauge, which is a kind of vacuum probe. It USES the varistor as the sensor (gauge). The output voltage of piezoresistive gauge is a linear function of the vacuum degree.

Vacuum gauge, vacuum gauge is a sensor for measuring vacuum. The signal measured by the vacuum gauge is transmitted to the vacuum gauge and amplified to show the vacuum degree of the vacuum environment under test. Mainly used in vacuum environment vacuum degree measurement field, such as vacuum coating, solar collector tube production, vacuum smelting.

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