vacuum in forming, pressing and laminating processes application

What are the applications of vacuum technology in terms of forming, pressing and laminating?

Vacuum forming, pressing and laminating are common processes in many industries and manufacturing technologies. Through these processes, various materials can be combined together or customized molding.

As far as molding is concerned, it is important to inject the material into the mold using a vacuum that meets the specific requirements. Among them, thermoforming is the conventional process of product production, it can make plastic film molding. In the thermoforming process, the plastic film is first heated to soften it. Then apply vacuum to the mold. Under the action of vacuum, the plastic film which has been heated and softened is pulled into the mold. Once the plastic film cools, it forms a mold. This method can be used to produce food and other commodity packaging, but also can be used to produce garden pool preformed plastic mold.

Vacuum pressing technology can be used in the wood industry, for example, when you want to paste multiple layers of wood together, but due to geometric reasons, can not be used mechanical pressing, then the use of vacuum pressing. In addition, sous vide can be used to attach or fix plywood or synthetic materials to similar boards such as the front of the kitchen.

Vacuum laminating is a process that combines several layers of materials together and is often used in the semiconductor and electronic industries. This is how solar panels, flat screens and smartphone screens are made.

Which vacuum solutions are particularly suitable for forming, pressing and laminating processes?

The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in forming process has been tested by many years of practice, which represents the most advanced level.

Claw vacuum pump energy saving, mainly used for pressing process, such as furniture production. If the requirements of high vacuum, rotary vane vacuum pump can be used as the first choice.

The screw vacuum pump can discharge the leaked gas and steam without affecting the work of the vacuum pump. It is the preferred laminating process for solar cell modules, flat panel screens and smart phone display screens.

Application examples of vacuum technology in molding process:

Mould exhaust – produces rotor blades suitable for wind power plants
Hot forming — production packaging

Examples of application of vacuum technology in pressing process:

Press – glue the synthetic board to the furniture surface
Vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VRTM)

Examples of application of vacuum technology in laminating process:

Flat panel display lamination
Solar panel lamination


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